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Canada Immigration for h1b Visa Holders

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Canada immigration Process for H1b Visa Holders 2021

The United States is considered the top economy in the world where professionals from all walks of life get to have bundles of opportunities be in socially or professionally. People are always looking for that golden chance to move to the country permanently. However, in the recent wake of time, immigrating to the United States of America has been really difficult especially for Indians and other Asian regions.

Only recently, the US Department of Homeland Security has announced a policy which has created a visual barrier between USA and rest of the world. This announcement has left nearly half a million Indo-Americans with immigration crisis. US had always been rigid for its immigration policy. But this recent pronouncement has made the lives and careers of immigration aspirants hugely dilemmatic. Prior to this big step, all the professionals who were employed in the US on an H1-B visa could easily extend their stay in the country until the time their Green Card application is approved. This means that all during the time the Green card application was being processed; they could live and work in the country without any deportation doubts and fears. However, as per the new rules set by the US immigration department, these immigrants have to leave the country while their Green Card is in processing.

This declaration by US is a matter of great shock for the Indo-American community working and contributing towards the further advancement and development of the nation. This is why presently, more and more people are looking for employment and immigration prospects in other countries like Canada, Australia, etc.

How H1- B visa holders apply for Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Status?

The United States of America and Canada has been in this agreement called NAFTA which allows free movement of trade and people across borders of countries sharing NAFTA agreement (USA, Canada, and Mexico). Thus, if you have H1- B visa then you are a strong candidate to apply for a PR status in Canada. Note that the process of application for a Permanent Residency status in the country of Canada needs to be followed as even though NAFTA allows movement of people but to be permanent resident in Canada, you have to apply for it as USA and Canada are two different countries.

To apply for Permanent Residency in Canada, you need to first know about the process involved and different pathways available for it. Every applicant will be evaluated under one of the these categories – the most popular Express Entry program with streams called Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Traders Program, Canadian experience class; Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP), Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) and International adoptions streams (Sponsorship visas). Each of these categories is easier option for you if you have a H1- B visa. Your H1-B visa is not any magical tool but it will give you benefits indirectly.

Some of these indirect benefits are:  

  • In case your employer in United States allows you to be a remote worker from Canada. This means that you can live in Canada as a worker employed in the USA.
  • A Canadian job offer is easier for you to have and as a result your attaining of a PR Status of Canada becomes sorted and easier.
  • The visa will also going to help you through grant of B1/ [email protected] multiple entry visas issued from the USA and it will help you in finding suitable job in Canada or understanding the country life by travelling to and fro from USA to Canada whenever and for multiple times.
  • Thus, an American work visa can help your Canada Immigration in many ways. Getting Canadian permanent residency is easier as compared to the US, where you have to wait for years and years but still not have a Permanent status in the country. Canada not just provides you with immigration chances, but also allows you to move to the country with your family on one PR application. If not along, you can also sponsor your family and relatives later after getting your PR visa.

In addition to this benefit that US do not offer, you don’t necessarily need to have a valid job offer letter to be able to move to Canada. If your occupation is in high demand in the country’s labour market, then you can move to Canada directly by applying through an appropriate channel. After getting your PR visa and moving to the country, you can then look for a job there.

Wondering if you are eligible to move to Canada? Oneclick Immigrations Consulting Services do a pre-assessment for you and your family members. Contact us today and known if you are qualified for the PR status or not.

Benefits of Immigration to Canada on a PR Visa

Canada is one of the most interesting countries that offer many skilled opportunities to immigrants.  The country has different immigration pathways suited to different people from different backgrounds, work experience and qualification levels.

Canada’s immigration body IRCC has recently announced that the country will be welcoming 1 million new immigrants into Canada by the end of year 2020. This is the biggest multi-year immigration drive in Canadian history and is a window of opportunity for those looking to immigrate and get a decent job offer there.

 Following are the reasons that you must consider before finalising your immigration destination:

  • Canada is one of the brightest and developed countries in the world offering a wide range of growth prospects to skilled people. It offers a high standard of living with great pay to workers and has a liberal government with fair rules and policies.
  • Canada already homes a very big Indian community of immigrants happily settled in the country. You could move to the country and feel you are in north India!
  • Canada offers skilled people a better chance to grow as due to low population, it has always been in labour demand to meet the supply of labour market.
  • If you are moving with your family, your family members too can avail all the benefits that are granted to you being a Permanent Resident of the country.
  • Canada offers free education, monthly child allowances and other perks to all its residents
  • Canada offers a great assortment of immigration pathways mainly the Express Entry program. Also, the system is point based which is a very fair system of selecting candidates. Canada is one of the fastest immigration application processing countries in the world which gives you the status in less than just 9 months! You can actually get approved for a Canada PR visa in just 6 months!
  • After living in Canada for consecutive three years of time period, you can apply for Canadian citizenship. After that, you get allowance for applying to running a public office and take up high-security jobs along with getting a vote for choosing Canadian government.
  • Canada’s most special privilege it offers to immigrants is the free healthcare for all its citizens and Permanent Residents. This free healthcare service is not even offered by the world’s most loved economy of United States! This means that you and your family can take full swing advantage of the advanced healthcare system of Canada that too free of cost.

There are other benefits too that you get to enjoy in the country. To know more in detail, get in touch with us today!

How to Apply Canada PR from USA on h1b in 2021?

Since 2019 and 2022 are the years in which the country will be taking in the maximum immigrants from around the globe, for you too this is the right time to get started! The Canada immigration process is really easy to follow through. But there are few technical concepts and steps in the process that involves legality. It is therefore advised to take a professional help for making your Canada PR application fair and correct so as to avoid rejection and so that you make the most of your time and money too.

The following are the steps you need to follow to apply for Canada PR:

  • The first step is to create an Express Entry profile which can be done online. You have to provide certain details about yourself such as age, language skills, educational qualification, skilled work experience etc. These credentials are verified at later stage from your documents supporting your age, education, experience and language skills. Here’s the list of documents that you need to have:
  • Language proficiency tests with minimum scores in English or French or Both.
  • A permanent and full-time job offer letter from a Canadian employer.
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) reports proving your educational qualifications as equal in eyes of Canadian education system.
  • Medical and police clearance certificates proving your health and moral character respectively
  • Genuine passports.
  • Documents proving that you are holding enough funds to support yourself and your family for in Canada (applicable to OID stream)
  • A Provincial Nomination certification (if any)
  • Once you complete your Express Entry profile, the immigration authority of Canada-IRCC will assess it to grant you a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Based on the score, you profile will be ranked in the pool of candidates called Express Entry pool.

Once your profile lead to the Express Entry pool, just wait for the Express Entry draw to take place. You will get an Invitation to Apply or ITA if you are picked up from the pool during the draw. Post getting ITA, you will have 90 days of time to apply for the PR visa and do away with all documentation. Once you get the visa approved, you will have another 12 months to do your first entry in Canada.

Different Immigration Program for Immigration to Canada from USA in 2021

Canada immigration comprises of 60 different programs to foreign applicants for entering into Canada as Permanent Residents.

The following explained are few of the most prominent Canadian immigration programs that are suitable for you to apply from USA:

Express Entry program

The Express Entry program is the much popular and the most systematic program that grants Canada Permanent Residency to skilled immigrants. Express Entry is a universal program which means that no matter which country you are applying from, this stream is open for you. The Express Entry immigration system is the fastest yet the simplest program and that is why it is widely considered.

The Express Entry system is a point based system that gives out points on profiles having information regarding applicant’s age, language ability, educational qualification, work experience, adaptability and arranged employment, etc.

The system then conducts draws and selects applicants with highest scores. These draws are held once in every 15 days of time interval.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Provincial Nomination Programs or PNPs are programs by provincial government of Canada. Almost all Canadian provinces offer a PNP to intake skilled workers and meet the labour gap locally. Each province makes their selections as per the quota fixed for them by the federal government of Canada. Some of the most popular PNPs of Canada that are active lately are:

  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)
  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

Each of these PNP are having their own set of eligibility criteria and application processing steps and time. Some require you to have a Job offer while other just wants your credentials to be good.

To know of different PNPs offered by provinces and territories of Canada, get in touch with us now!

Every PNP has two sub-categories that are fixed. There may be other categories too depending on the province in question but the following are two streams that are found in each PNP:

(a.)Express Entry linked stream

This stream is meant for those candidates who have been accepted in the Express Entry pool but fail to get selection from CIC’s Express Entry draws. Since these streams are linked to Express Entry, the province considers your Express Entry profile to take decision on your nomination. When you apply for a PNP nomination, you will be allotted an Express Entry Profile Code and Job Seeker Validation Code for searching Jobs in the province using Job bank of Canada. Try to get a Job and meet the province’s eligibility statement. If you get selected, you will get to claim 600 additional points which will be added to your overall CRS score.  A higher score gives you a better prospect to get selected in the subsequent draws to take place in future.

(b. )Occupation in-Demand stream

This stream is also meant for those skilled professionals who are having their Job profile in demand in the country. On pretext of arranging for workforce that can meet the gap in the market, province invites you to apply under its occupation in-demand stream. Every PNP issue a list of the most in-demand jobs in its region and your profile must be listed there to be eligible. If you get selected under OID steam, you can apply directly for Canada PR to the IRCC.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

The QSWP is not part of the Express Entry program neither the provincial programs (although Quebec is a province in Canada). Quebec has its own criteria for inviting foreign skilled candidates. While this criterion is similar to the Express Entry criteria, it also has its own flavours of credential needs. The candidate who got selected for immigration to Quebec through Quebec Skilled Worker Program, the person will be issued a Quebec Selection Certificate or CSQ. On the basis of this certification, one can directly apply for immigration to Canada through IRCC draws.

Quebec is detached from rest of the programs as it has its own terms and conditions. It is the only French speaking province of Canada and people are always willing to move to the province. In fact, the city of Montreal is much admired city of Canada with maximum visitors each year than in rest of the Canada.

Willing to move to Quebec from USA? Contact us now and know your eligibility for the same!

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