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Canada Permanent Resident Visa Rules and Guide 2021

If you are thinking to apply for your Canada PR, this is the right time to get started with your process!

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About: Canada PR Visa

Canada is a popular choice for those looking to migrate to a settled, economically flourishing and a law-abiding country like Canada. Canada is an immigrant-friendly country that issues PR (Permanent Residency) Visas to thousands of young and skilled applicants to settle here and work in the economy to generate growth. The Canada PR visa is your key to have a good paying job, a comfortable lifestyle and the right living conditions! The country has the best educational and healthcare systems and also promises of personal freedom in religion practice and follow one’s ethnicity. So if you are thinking to apply for your Canada PR, this is the right time to get started with your process!

Below, we have mentioned the various aspects of Canada Permanent Residency. If there still any query, you can get in touch with us anytime!

Routes to permanently immigrate to Canada from India

Canada has over 60 immigration programs allowing different categories of people to immigrate to the country and settle on a PR visa. But we will talk about the presently live and relevant programs that are fit for you to apply.

Firstly, understand that a Canada PR visa is obtainable through an online application process. The applications are to be submitted to the Canadian immigration authority that runs a regular scrutiny on it and then invites the high rankers from the pool of applications. This means that the eligibility for a Canada PR visa is through a points-based system (CRS points). Let us now understand the various programs and role of the CRS points while immigrating to Canada on a PR visa:

Express Entry:

Express Entry is the most sensible approach to move to Canada. This program is for skilled young applicants. Also, it just takes a few months to get your Canada PR through Express Entry. Express Entry has 3 sub-programs for different class of people namely:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP):For those have a decent work experience, education and language skills

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP): For workers in the category of semi-skilled/ non-skilled jobs say a driver a plumber.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) : For those who have a prior work/study experience in Canada and now wants to move there permanently

The first step towards applying for this Express Entry program is getting your Educational Credential Assessment on your degrees, and appears for a language test (IELTS English test in most cases). After that, you can file your application with the help of a visa consultant like oneclick visas.

As we mentioned above, express entry is a point-based program so on what parameters does it allot scores? It gives you scores on the basis of core human factors, for example, your age, educational qualification, work experience, language skills (English) and other few elements. Canada consistently holds Express Entry draws welcoming the top scorers to apply for Canada PR visa.

The minimum score that you need to have in order to be eligible for Canada PR via Express Entry is 67 out of 100. To get this minimum score, make sure you have the following minimum credential levels:

  •           Age: Between 18-35 years. Not more than 45 years.
  •           Education: Graduate, with a positive ECA.
  •           Work experience: One-year of full time job, plus your profile being mentioned in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list (which is the list that has skill sets/ job profiles needed in the country)
  •           Language skills: 4 groups in your IELTS test (each module) and the score must be not older than 2 years. In certain French provinces, you might need French skills too

So if you are eligible for this program, call us now and we shall carry a pre-assessment test for you to check your exact score!

Provincial Nomination programs :

In case you are not qualifying for the Express Entry program, there are many provincial nominee programs thatyou can look for. Every single one of Canada's provinces runs their own programs (called PNPs), focusing on the particular needs of their work markets. It is not always about eligibility; sometimes people tend to select certain provinces for certain attraction. For example, if you are an IT guy, you may find Toronto a suitable place to live. On the other hand, if you are seeking a peaceful live along greenery, then you may think Saskatchewan a better choice to make.

Those wishing to apply for the PNP programs must understand that there are two ways through which you can migrate to any particular province. These 2 are:

  •           Express Entry linked programs
  •          Expression of Interest/LOI/ independent programs 
Express Entry linked PNPs

The programs connected with Express Entry require you to initially make an Express Entry profile. There you will find the option for applying under the non-Express Entry adjusted PNPs. Note that you must read all the eligibility criteria for different provinces. Some provinces will demand an arranged employment while some may have a different language requirement (French in case of Quebec).

Expression of Interest/LOI/ independent programs 

This particular framework has no connection with the Express Entry and you can directly apply to the provinces to get a PR visa via Provincial Nominee Program streams. Each province asks the interested applicants to apply via Expression of interest (EOI) or other methods. You need to meet certain requirements in case you select a province to submit your EOI. Majorly, you need to check for:

  •        Arranged employment requirement
  • .     Language skills eligibility (IELTS score)
  •       Overall score total 

The following are some PNP programs currently active in inviting skilled workers to be its residents:

  •          Alberta Immigration Nominee Program
  •          British Columbia Immigration Nominee Program
  •          Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program
  •          New Brunswick Immigration Nominee Program
  •          Newfoundland and Labrador Immigration Nominee Program
  •          Northwest Territories Immigration Nominee Program
  •          Nova Scotia Immigration Nominee Program
  •          Ontario Immigration Nominee Program
  •          Prince Edward Island Immigration Nominee Program
  •          Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program
  •          Yukon Immigration Nominee Program

So if you are interested for PNP programs, call us now and we shall carry a pre-assessment test for you to check your eligibility for different provinces.

Other programs :

There are some other pathways too, through which you can seek your Canada PR visa. A few of them are:

  •          Business Immigration Program
  •          Family Class Immigration
  •          Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

So if you are interested for these programs, call us now and we shall carry a pre-assessment test for you to check your eligibility for the same.

How to apply for my permanent resident visa?

The Canadian immigration authorities have clearly laid down the series of steps to follow while applying for your Canada PR visa, which are:

Step1: Appear for your language test(yes, even before you start the application cycle!).This is because it is one of the most important aspects of Canada immigration and without having a good IELTS score; you won’t be able to immigrate. For IELTS training, get in touch.

Step 2: File for your ECA (Educational Credential Assessment). This will show you if your education (degree) is acceptable in the country or not. You can file your ECA here

Step 3: File your application online and submit all the necessary details as asked. Guarantee you give just certifiable credentials here, as on a later part, you will be asked to present your physical documents validating them.

Step 4: Get all your the necessary documents assembled at one place (your date of birth certificate, educational transcripts, work experience letters, etc.). Also, get your medical exam and police check done at this stage. Submit the documents as and when asked

Step 5:Wait for the assessment of your application and the immigration draw inviting candidates. If your score comes within the cut-off, do not take more than 90 days to submit your final affirmation.

Step 6: After ITA, you will get a COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence) card.

The entire process could take about 5 to 8 months. For a faster processing and quick approvals, make sure to get in touch with us!

How much cost is involved in Canada PR visa application?

Canada PR involves certain fees to be paid. The fee paid is non-refundable even if you fail to get the visa approval. This means that it is the mandatory investment that you need to make. The risk is if you get in or not, the money won’t come back!

So isn’t it better to invest in the Canada PR process through a safe firm? Oneclick visas guarantees success of your application so you can save on your time as well as money. 

Here is the breakup of the PR fees:

  •           Primary applicant – CAD 825 (without right of permanent residence fees)
  •           Primary applicant – CAD 1,325 (with right of permanent residence fees)
  •           Spouse – CAD 825 (without right of permanent residence fees)
  •           Spouse – CAD 1325 (with right of permanent residence fees)
  •           Child (under 22 years) – CAD 225
  •           ECA from WES fees- CAD 305 per person
  •           IELTS test fees-CAD 259 per person
  •           Medical test fees- CAD 60 per person
  •           PCC fees-CAD 20 per person 
  • Documents required to be submitted for Canada PR

Another important aspect in Canada PR Visa is the documentation that needs to be submitted. It is vital to have this information as any missing document or a wrong submission could lead to direct refusal of your application.

The following are some of the important documents Canada may ask you to submit:

  •           Application form
  •           Valid passport
  •           Proof of identity
  •           Birth certificate
  •           Proof of educational qualifications
  •           Proof of professional skills & experience
  •           Certificate proving language proficiency
  •           Educational Credential Assessment
  •           Police clearance certificate
  •           Proof of funds
  •           Proof of marriage (if married)
  •           Other additional documents
  • If you need any help regarding documentation arrangement, then get in touch.
How to start with my Canada PR application?

Are you willing to start your Canada PR application? So start your process right away! If you want the entire process to be done away in a hassle free manner, then get in touch with Oneclick Visas- the best immigration consultants in India. Oneclick has allowed thousands of applicants to immigrate to Canada and got their application processed in no time! So if you are ready to live an energizing new life in Canada and want to work for the best corporates around the world, then apply now. Oneclick has been authorized by the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). We serve all with the right information, right procedure and right fee. So come and apply with us today!

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