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Canada PR Visa from India

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Note: Indians are welcome in Canada on the basis of how educated and experienced they are & how young and proficient in English they are. So if you are at the right age, education, skills and language, you are eligible for Canada PR! You can also boost your chances of immigration in case you have a sibling in Canada, your spouse has positive skills or you have a nomination, job offer, etc.

Canada PR Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Canada is considered one of the most favourite destinations among Indian families to settle. Particularly for North Indian families, Canada is the top pick for 2020. This is because years back, the very first person to permanently settle in Canada belonged to a Sikh Family. Since then, many Indians have landed on the Canadian soil to set their new adobe.

The Federal government of Canada has discharged a “noteworthy and dependable” three-year Canada Immigration Plan for 2018-2020, with an objective to welcome 980,000 new perpetual permanent residents to the nation. The arrangement was announced on November 1, 2017.

Canada PR through Express Entry Program 2021 is a point put together relocation process based with respect to the capability and individual data of a candidate dependent on six components; Age, Experience, Qualification, Language capacity, Adaptability and employment offer. Points are apportioned for each factor separately which gets determined further to coordinate the Comprehensive Ranking framework cut off put forward for all candidates in the Express Entry Pool. The score differs for every candidate according to their certifications and credentials.

Before applying under any of the projects offered by IRCC Canada 2021, we would propose you to converse with the immigration specialists of our organization to know the most appropriate choice accessible for you in 2021. This appraisal would enable you to pick up trust in our organization and in your ability of turning into a Permanent Resident of Canada in the coming year 2021.

Permanent Residency in Canada

Canada intends to welcome 340000 talented experts by 2020 under its 2018-2020 plans. With expanding business development in 10 years, Canada has immense open doors for talented experts from over the globe especially in 2020. Hopeful candidates with less IELTS score would now be able to apply for Provincial Nominee Program for favoured province of Canada.

To permanently settle in Canada in 2020, you need to apply for a Visa called Permanent Resident Visa (PR Visa). A PR visa allows you to come, work and settle in the country for an indefinite time period. Being a permanent resident of the country, you get to earn a lot of benefits and perks offered by the Canadian government.

Thus after gaining the PR status, you can liberally enjoy these rights in the country:

  • Right to be a legal civilian of the country
  • Right to gain education/ study anywhere in the country
  • Right to gain employment/work anywhere in the country
  • Right to leave and re-enter to the country
  • Right to have access to health facilities & schemes available to general public
  • Right to apply for Citizenship after spending 3 consecutive years in the country
  • Right to move to Mexico under NAFTA agreement
  • Right to sponsor your relatives & friends in the country

It is therefore true to say that a Permanent Resident Visa gives you a legal entitlement to be a resident of the country.

Basic Requirements to Apply For Canada PR

Education Requirement for Canada PR

Education is one of the primary criteria on which Canada immigration authority allots points. The minimum required education for applying to Canada PR is Graduation/Course equivalent to Graduation. In terms of time, you must have at least 3 years-long degree/certificate/diploma courses. Another important educational requirement for Canada PR is that your education must pass the process of Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). In other words, your ECA report must be positive. A positive ECA report signifies that your educational degree/diploma/course is recognised and valid in Canada.

Since ECA is the process to rate your non-Canadian educational degree, it is not required for Canadian degrees. So if your educational degree is from Canada/Canadian University or institute, then you need not undergo the ECA process.

In nutshell, educational points for Canada PR –

  • Ranges from 5 points (minimum) to 25 points (maximum)
  • Gives minimum 5 points for high school completion from a recognise institution and maximum 25 points for a master’s or Ph.D. from a recognised university
  • Gives extra credit for trade certificates or apprenticeship/ internships done by the applicant
Canada PR Age Requirements:

Canada invites young and skilled applicants on a PR visa. The country is looking for productive workforce to contribute in the economy and not the aged people who want to settle in a peaceful place after retirement. The maximum age by which you are eligible to apply is 45 years. Yet, Oneclick visas advice you to apply before turning 35 as maximum by this age, you will get you a decent point score. The minimum age limit for Canada PR application is 18 years.

For the Age factor, the maximum points one get is 12 points. This maximum limit of 12 points is allotted to those applicants who are between the age group of 18 -35 years. Till 35, you are considered most productive to work and hence will be considered by the country in view of economic development.

As you start approaching the age older than 35, 1 point each year will get smashed out. For example, at 35 if you are at 12 points, then at 36, you will get 11 points and at 35 you will have 10 points and so on. This goes on until you attain the age of 47. No points are being awarded at the age of 47.

Therefore, we suggest our clients to get started with their application process as soon as possible. With passing day, you are also losing your opportunity to get the full score of 12 points!

Canadian PR Required documents:

Documentation is the final yet the most important step in your whole immigration procedure. This is because all your documents have to be true and properly represented as any mistake/misrepresentation by you may reject your visa straightforwardly.

Following documents are needed for Canada PR:

  • Age proof
  • Experience letter demonstrating your work experience
  • IELTS test result sheet
  • Educational degrees/mark sheets and a positive ECA report
  • Marriage proof (if married)
  • PNP nomination certificate (if any)
  • Call letter from Canadian employer (if any)
  • Proof of funds
  • Passport pages
  • Other documents as CIC deem fit to ask you

The documentation stage is the most critical one. One must read and understand all the guidelines cautiously to avoid any mistake in the documents submission part. Candidates must take care not to neglect the asked information. Any mistake or omission in your documents can lead to suspicion and hence rejection of your visa.

Not giving the right reports is a typical misstep that many candidates make and can bring about delay in processing of your visa application. Therefore, we suggest every aspirant to contact us and get his or her own personalised documents checklist. Every case is different and requires different documents to satisfy the immigration authorities. Make sure to make the right compilation at your first attempt of applying for Canada PR visa.

IELTS BAND Requirements For Canada:

International English Language Testing Standards (IELTS) score is an important factor while calculating your score for Canada PR. The test is needed in order to check candidate’s English language ability, as Canada is a part of North American continent with English as its official language. Minimum IELTS score requirement is CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 7. However, in order to get more competitive CRS score, you must try to score at least CLB 8 or 9.

The IELTS is an entryway test that allows you to settle in English nations for work or study purpose. The number of people willing move to Canada today are uncountable. In this scenario, you have to make an edge over the rest of the applicants so that you can get selected before them. IELTS test is a great way to improve your immigration score and get an early invite for the PR visa.

The IELTS test is taken by thousands of people every year. This figure is only a gauge and is expanding consistently year after year. There are two primary variations of the test. The first is known as the IELTS academic test for students and another for immigration is known as the IELTS general training test. The result of IELTS is acknowledged as a proof of one’s English capability and therefore is very vital for your visa.

Canada PR work Experience Requirements:

To be eligible for Canada PR, a candidate must have at least 1 year of skilled work experience. This experience has to be full-time, paid and continuous. Also, the experience must be in a profile mentioned in the NOC list of Canada. The NOC list keeps on changing from time to time as it records only those job profiles which are facing labour shortage in the country and the sector need skilled immigrants to come and fill the vacant positions.

To be qualified for PR visa to Canada, you are required to have at least:

One year of skilled work experience:

  • 30 hours/week for a year = 1 year full time (1,560 hours), OR

Equivalent sum in part-time job, for example,

  • 15 hours/week for two years = 1 year full time (1,560 hours):
  • 30 hours/week for a year at more than 1 employment = 1 year full time (1,560 hours)
Reference letter Requirement for Canada PR

The employer, in admiration of the employee, issues a Reference letter after he/she resigns from the office. This document is required to prove that you are a hard working and sincere person and has great skill set and ability to contribute in the growth of the company.

The reference letter should be formal, and incorporates information about the organization. Preferably, a letter of reference should:

  • Be composed on organization official letterhead
  • Be marked by the HR official/chief/ manager
  • Have the owner’s name and employment title printed
  • Incorporate the organization’s contact data
  • Has organization’s authentic seal or stamp

The most significant piece of your letter of reference is your obligations or roles you are allotted at the job. It needs to have your detailed on the job duties. The details of your work duties are the means by which the visa official affirms that you’ve picked a suitable NOC code. Each NOC code has a related explanation of work that one must hold experience in. Therefore, it is vital that your reference letter has a thorough job role defined.

Medical Test Requirements:

Canada only allows such permanent residents who are physically fit and mentally sound. The candidate must not have any contagious disease that might be a health threat to people of Canada. For example, diseases like Tuberculosis, etc. To prove that you are a healthy individual, you are required to undergo a medical test by doctors authorised by the Canadian authorities. To get the names of approved panel of doctors, contact Oneclick visas.

While going to your medical test appointment for the exam, you must bring the following along:

  • Your valid identification proof(at least 1 government-issued ID)
  • Latest photographs with signature
  • Your contact lenses or eyeglasses, in case you wear any
  • Any past medical reports that you think is important to disclose
  • Your current medications, if any
  • Your medical exam results are valid for a period of 12 months only. In case you fail to visit Canada within that time, you may need to take another medical exam.
Is job offer required for Canada PR?

Job offer is not mandatory for Canada PR. Having a job offer gives you extra score and makes your profile extra competitive. That is why, it is recommended to search for a job while your application is in the processing phase. Oneclick visa provides the job assistance services through which we register our clients in the Canadian job bank. This job bank is a virtual place where you can meet Canadian employers and present your CV to them.

The Job Bank is a site worked by Employment and Social Development Canada. It gives an online database of occupation postings in Canada. It is for those employment searchers, who are living outside Canada and now want to come and work in the country.

A business or firm in Canada can post an occupation on the Canadian Job Bank as well as get data about procuring and hiring global skilled specialists. In fact, anybody can discover general data about what jobs are in demand in the Canadian economy, how to get a job in the country, different work models in Canada, necessities for working in Canada, etc.

An applicant who is willing to take up jobs can filter the job search by type of occupation, wages, training project, or geographical location of the company.

Funds Requirement for Canada PR

Funds requirement vary with your family size or number of people immigrating with you. For a single member, fund requirement is CAD12,474. In case you are immigrating with a spouse/partner, the fund requirement is CAD 15,530. In case you are a family of 4, the fund requirement is CAD23,181. Thus, as the number of people immigrating with you increases, the fund requirement also increases.

Canada has recently updated the settlement fund prerequisite for Canada PR. In fact, the fund requirement keeps on changing as inflation adjusts in the economy.

The amount of the fund that you have to show relies upon the size of your family that you are calling with you on your visa application. According to the authorities, you can take the accompanying relatives on your Canada PR visa application:

  • A secondary candidate (can be your spouse or common-law partner)
  • Your kids
  • Your parents
  • Any other secondary applicant

So before finalising on who will be coming along with you, you must maintain the required funds.

PCC Requirement for Canada PR:

Police Clearance Certification (PCC) is a document of clearance from the police of every state and country that you have resided over a period of 6 months. This is to verify your moral character and that you are not associated in any illegal/unlawful activities in your home country.

After you get an ITA, you just have 90 days to accumulate all the necessary documents to finish your application in time. One of these is the police authentication i.e., PCC.

Candidates are required to show a police clearance for themselves, as well as for the members of the family who are over the age of 18. It also includes those members if the family who are not immigrating with you. This means that regardless of whether your family is going with you or not, PCC for each member is still required.

If your PCC has not yet arrived in the given time of 90 days, you can apply for an extension from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). However, in each case, submission of a PCC is mandatory and you cannot avoid it.

Canada PR Requirements Points:

Canada PR is a point-based system that allots you points on the basis of the following factors:

  • Age
  • Educational qualification
  • Work experience
  • Language ability
  • Adaptability factors

Based on the above-mentioned factors, a candidate must get minimum of 67 points out of 100 to be eligible to apply for the PR visa.

When you qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker program i.e., gets the 67 points on the above mentioned factors, you would then be able to check your total CRS. In case your score is good enough, you will have to make a fresh Express Entry Profile. Twice in a month, the Canadian government declares a draw. The top rankers who have their scores into the cut-off are issued ITA (Invitation To Apply).

Usually, the cut-off score remains between 400-480. It has not dipped under 350 since the origin of the Express Entry. So if you are willing to get an ITA, you should focus on a score over 400.

Biometrics Required for Canada PR:

Biometric is the process of recording your fingerprint/face before allowing you entry in Canada or before granting you PR visa to Canada. The country has recently started this process. The main aim behind biometrics is not to endanger the internal security of Canada. A biometric is a security measure often employed by developed countries before they allow any foreign individual to settle in.

The accompanying steps are required to comply with the biometrics requirement for Canada PR:

Stage 1: Pay your biometrics expense

You pay the expenses for biometrics when you present your application. Thus, you need to pay before you even give biometrics. If you do not pay along the application and pay after you present your application, you will definitely going to face delays in having your application prepared.

Stage 2: Receive a guidance letter

Canadian authority will send you a letter with directions on how and where to give biometrics. You should take this letter with you when you go to give biometrics. In case that you apply for your guest/work permit/study/immigration visa on paper and pay your biometrics expense after you present your application, your letter will be deferred. If you present a paper application face to face and pay your biometrics expense face to face at a Visa Application Centre or VAC you can give biometrics immediately.

Requirements to apply for Canadian PR:

Canada PR has the following requirements:

  • At least 67 points out of 100
  • Minimum age of 18 years but not more than 45 years
  • Minimum three years of degree from a recognised university
  • Minimum 12 months of paid, full-time work experience in a skilled profile
  • Minimum English language ability of CLB 7 level
  • Proof of funds and other documentation requirement as asked by CIC
Key Steps to Apply for Canada PR:

As a matter of first importance, you need to arrange the following:

  • IELTS Test Result
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from WES or some other significant surveying authority
  • Register profile in express entry framework and get least 67 out of 100 points under FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program) classification
  • Get into the Express entry pool and keep an eye on the draws
  • If chosen from the pool, based on your CRS score, you will get ITA for Canada PR
  • Apply for Canada PR visa and submit the asked documents inside 90 days of getting the ITA.
  • Arrange and submit all the mandatory certifications such as PCC, medicals, etc.
Canadian PR Requirements Express Entry:

Express Entry is Canada’s fastest processing visa program. To be able to apply for the express entry, the applicant has to follow the below mentioned requirements:

  • Initial eligibility of 67 points on the basis of age, education, language, work experience
  • Positive ECA report
  • Active express entry profile at the time of express entry draw and invite
  • Work experience in any profile mentioned in the National Occupation Code (NOC) list of Canada
  • Other provincial requirements in case of PNP nomination through Express entry linked stream

There are other factors too that may effect your PR application such as PNP nomination, Job offer from Canada, sibling residing in Canada, etc. However, these factors are not mandatory.

Initial requirement is to get your educational degrees evaluated through World Education Service (WES). For WES, one needs to get their official transcripts from the university or college. WES will evaluate accreditations and gives either a positive or a negative report.

After WES positive result and IELTS test, you need to fill and place your application in the pool. From the pool, the Canadian Government will pick the most deserving applicants and will send the ITA to them. The next step is to submit the documents. The candidate gets 90 days to submit records, which the candidate pronounced at the hour of Express Entry Profile creation.

Canada PR Stay Requirements:

Your Canada PR visa has a life of indefinite time period. However, you need to get it renewed every 5 year. To be able to maintain this PR status, you must meet the Canada PR stay requirement, which is at least 3 years out of 5 living inside Canada.

At the point when you apply for Permanent Residence status in Canada, you are lawfully proclaiming your will to live in Canada in spite of the fact that you are a resident of another nation. You may wed, have loved ones in your nation of origin, or be relegated to work abroad by your Canadian boss. In any case, when you become a Permanent Resident, there are a few conditions, which you need to meet to keep up your Permanent Resident status in Canada.

It is totally important that each time you leave Canada; you keep up cautious records of it. This incorporates your boarding passes, lodging appointments, visa stamps – anything that shows precisely when you left the nation and when you returned.

Canada PR Visa Process Steps from India 2021

Canada Permanent Resident Visa has become easy to obtain after introduction of Express Entry in 2015. Express entry has not only make the processing time close to just 6 months, but it provides a fair means of selecting candidates i.e., on point-system (rank based). This means higher the scores; higher are your chances to get Canada PR.

Though the processing time has reduced, the process is not so easy to go through. Therefore, oneclick visas suggest you to apply for your Express entry through a certified consultancy like us to avoid rejections and waste of time & money.

There are a series of steps involved in the PR process. For effectively completing each step, you need a professional help by your side. For example, for your IELTS test or for your ECA, you cannot apply on your own. You need an ICCRC authorised consultancy like us to follow the legal process of obtaining genuine ECAs and efficient IELTS results.

Before you apply for your PR, you must yourself know about the process. Express Entry is an 8 step long process. These steps are explained as follows:


Applying for Canada Permanent Resident Visa is a step-wise-step systematic process. Following steps will guide you through the beginning till the grant of PR visa.

{Step :#1}​ Calculate Your FSWP Points: Your FSWP points are given on the basis of your age, education, work experience and language skills. Out of total 100, you must get at least 67 points in order to be eligible to initiate your Express Entry process for Canada PR.

{Step :#2}​ Apply for your Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) Report :After calculating your FSWP points, you can move ahead to check relevancy of your education in terms of Canadian standards. For this, CIC has highlighted a process called Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). Through ECA, your educational degrees are assessed. This is to check the quality of education your university has. Your ECA report must be positive in order to proceed.

{Step :#3}​ Appear for your IELTS Language Test : The third step is to appear for your English language test. In India, the most popular test for English language is the IELTS test. Also, IELTS is easily accepted as a proof of your language skills by the Canadian authorities. To appear for the exam, you must apply online. There, you will be given a date and time to appear for the test. You will be assessed on your skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening in the English language. To excel in exam, get Oneclick Visa’s IELTS exam kit now!

{Step :#4}​ Calculate Your Total CRS Score : Your total CRS score is a sum total of your core human factors + skills transferability factors + additional factors.

In other words, to get your CRS total, following factors need to be considered:

  • Age, education, experience and language ability
  • PNP nomination, Job offer from Canada
  • Sibling living in Canada as PR or Citizen
  • Additional language skills (in French)
  • Spouse skills

CRS score is out of 1200. To stand competitive in the Express Entry pool, you must try to score within at least 420-460 points.

{Step :#5}​ Create Your Profile in the Express Entry System  : This step involves physically entering all your credentials in your profile. The profile will ask you the same credentials as mentioned above. By the end, it will calculate and allot you a CRS point score. Once you hit the submit button, your profile will land into the Express Entry pool among other applicants. After submission, you will get the Express Entry profile number.

{Step :#6}​ Create or Link Your EE Profile for PNP Nomination : Using your express entry profile number, you can link your EE profile with any province’s nomination stream in order to apply for PNP nomination. You can also apply for PNPs separately through various non-express entry streams. For these streams, you need to individually make profiles for the provinces you are interested in immigrating to.

{Step :#7}​ Wait for CIC to conduct New Express Entry Draw : Now your task is over. You just need to regularly check on the new express entry draws. CIC conducts express entry draws once in every 15 days and invites top ranking candidates from the pool of applicants. To get selected, make sure to have an active EE profile and a good CRS score.

{Step :#8}​ Get Invitation To Apply (ITA) or PNP Nomination for Canada PR : If your scores are within the cut-off decided by CIC, you will get an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Canada PR. Similarly in case of a PNP, if your profile matches each and every eligibility requirement given by the province as well your point score is high, you will get the nomination certificate from the province.

The certificate will yield you 600 extra CRS, ensuring your selection in the next express entry draw.

Steps and documents needed after getting your ITA 

After successfully getting your ITA, you are just one step away from becoming a permanent resident of Canada. Post issuing you the ITA, the Canadian authorities will ask you to submit and verify the documentation for the visa. Here, you will be given 60 days of time period to:

  • Apply for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Indian Consulate to verify your clean record (i.e., no involvement in any criminal proceedings).
  • Apply for Medical Certificate to verify the status of your health. Canada can seize your invite if you are suffering from any contagious disease like TB.
  • Submit your Work Experience Documents, which includes Reference letter from past employers and other additional documents on the company’s letterheads (duly signed and sealed)
  • Verify your proof of funds by getting a letter issued from your bank
  • Scan and prepare e-copies of your marriage certificate (if married), divorce deed (if divorced), Birth certificate as your age proof, passport, educational certificates such as transcripts, mark sheets etc.

FINAL STEP: Upload all the above documents along with your IELTS or TRF test results and positive ECA reports. As mentioned above, you need to submit these documents to your profile within 60 days from receiving ITA.

For any further information in this regard, we suggest you to get in touch with via mail/phone or simply visit our office for one-on-one sessions with our experts.

Different immigration Programs in Canada to get a PR visa

Note: “Now let us discuss different ways to get a Canada Permanent Resident Visa 2021.”

Immigration to Canada in 2020 is possible via different programs for different classes of people. If you are a skilled and educated individual looking for opportunities in Canada, then Economic Class program is suitable for you to apply in 2020. Other options include Business immigration programs, Family Sponsorships, etc. depending up on your purpose of visiting Canada.

The below section will focus on the Economic Class Programs for 2021:

Express Entry Program: Express Entry Program was introduced by Canada in the year 2015 sensing a dire need for a more systematic way of immigration. Before Express Entry System came into being, there used to be a trend of delayed visas, more processing time and first-come-first-served basis of selection. However, with the well-liked move of bringing Express Entry into picture, processing time has been cut down to 6-8 months as compared to 2-5 years! Moreover, the selection basis of candidates ceases to be first-come, first-served. Candidates under Express Entry are now selected on the basis of a point system called CRS point system.

There are three popular streams under Express Entry System:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Federal Skilled Worker Program 2020 is for skilled workers who are having appropriate age, educational qualification, work experience and language ability to come and settle in Canada while contributing towards development of the Canadian economy and at the same time, meeting the labour shortages in the country.

Federal Skilled Trades Program 2021 is for semi-skilled/unskilled workers with a basic level of education, experience and language skills. To apply for this FSTP in 2021, the candidate must have a valid Job offer letter from an employer operating business inside Canada.

Canadian Experience Class 2021 is for those individuals who are holding a prior familiarity in Canada in terms of experience while on a temporary visa type (Work permit, travel visa, etc.)

There is one more popular system through which Canadian immigration authorities invites skilled personnel in the country in 2020 known by the name Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs).

Provincial Nomination Programs in 2021 are offered by different provinces of Canada. Each provincial program has its own requirements in terms of age, education, experience, language and Job offer. To be eligible to immigrate to Canada in 2019 through a Provincial Nomination Program, you must meet all the eligible criteria laid down by that particular province.

There are 10 Provincial Nomination Programs in Canada:

  • Ontario Provincial Nomination Program
  • British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program
  • Quebec Provincial Nomination Program
  • Alberta Provincial Nomination Program
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program
  • Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program
  • Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Program


Following factors are essential in order to be eligible for any skilled immigration program 2020:

  • Age: Must not be more than 47 years
  • Educational Qualification: Must not be less than 3 years
  • Work experience: Must not be less than 1 year in any skilled occupation which is listed in the occupation list of Canada
  • Language ability: Must not be less than 7 bands in each module of general training IELTS examination
  • Arrange Employment: Points (10 max)
  • Adaptability: Points (10 max)

On the basis of these credentials one must be able to score at least 67 points out of 100 to be eligible for the Immigration process in 2020.

Mind that these 67 points is the bare minimum eligibility score. In order to have a better likelihood of selection from the pool of candidates, you must try to improve your score as much as you can.

Can I apply for Canada PR from India?

Indeed, there are different pathways you can use to acquire residency in Canada. Be that as it may, on the chance that you are a talented worker in India, government Express Entry System is the best and quickest approach to get the PR in Canada. However, you can apply through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) or Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), and so forth also.

Express Entry was propelled in January 2015 by the IRCC as a key financial PR program of Canada. Express Entry plans to choose the gifted, qualified and experienced outsider specialists from abroad to meet the ability lack of talented labourers crosswise over various areas and regions. Consistently, a huge number of individuals register on Express Entry framework to apply for PR in Canada.

If you are a talented skilled individual, you have to pick FSWP (Federal gifted specialist Program) to apply. Make a profile, submit EOI and acquire least 67 points under the FSWP stream, in light of your age, instruction, work understanding, language capacity, and so forth factors.

You meet the criteria you will enter the Express Entry pool of applicant. In the EE pool, you should contend with the individual express entry candidates, to get the welcome from IRCC to apply for Canada PR. When you enter in Express Entry pool, your profile gets an unmistakable point score, called CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score for key profile facors, for example training, language abilities, experience, and so on.

The hopefuls with best positioning profiles get the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canada PR from IRCC. The IRCC dispatch an express entry draw each 15 days and declare the slice off imprints to choose the hopefuls. The candidates accomplishing the cut off score get chose for ITA for Canada PR.

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