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Document Checklist for SINP Canada 2021

Know what are the documents required for Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program?

SINP Occupation List Enquiry For SINP

SINP Eligibility and Document Required 2021

About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is the picturesque province of Canada. Bordered by Alberta toward the west and Manitoba toward the east, it is the most wonderfully located province of the country. Other than being a goal province for immigrants from across the globe, Saskatchewan is Canada’s “sunniest” territory and is therefore widely preferred by immigrants from tropical countries like India.

Saskatchewan’s has many big firms, entertainment centres and also educational institution for your child.  If you are looking to move to Saskatchewan, you should apply under the proper program classification and that is the SINP International Skilled Worker program. The program is exclusively based on the point system and chooses the top scorers as per the SINP point assessment grid. A base score of minimum 60 out of 100 points is expected to apply under a SINP International Skilled Worker (ISW) sub-class.

To be eligible for International Skilled Worker sub-classification, the applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements. You should also present to the province, a couple of important reports and documents such as your work and educational aptitudes, education, language capability, and other such variables.

All the required documentation and records are mentioned below in detail.

Other than the documents, there is one important eligibility requirement that every interested applicant must meet i.e., the Saskatchewan immigration (SINP) points. Your point score as per the SINP’s point calculator is the sole factor to decide your destiny to settle in Saskatchewan.

More or less, Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program or SINP is the direct way to your fantasies to settle in the country of Canada. The program allows just the qualified people to apply for its residency under PNP. This means that only those who scores well in the point-based system will be chosen as nominated applicants and who will eventually be given a Canada PR Visa.

About SINP

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program (SINP) is the one of the pathways to enter Canada. The following given are the eligibility criteria for the SINP that every applicant must meet in order to get a nomination from the province:

  • To be qualified for SINP or to get the provincial nomination from the Saskatchewan province, your profile must be present and active in the Express Entry pool. The province will search and issue nomination on you express entry profile.
  • Out of 100, one needs to score minimum of 60 points as per the SINP’s point assessment gridin order to qualify. The point score depends on components like, your age, language capability, education and work experience.
  • English language test results from assigned testing authority ought to be given. Usually, people appear for IELTS examination, as it is the most renowned and widely acceptable English language test meant for those who are immigrating for the purpose of PR and studying both.
  • The candidate must have a qualification degree/diploma equivalent to that of the Canadian training framework. If your educational qualifications are obtained from outside of Canada, then you must get your degrees assessed by the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • The candidate must hold at least one year of work experience in the previous 10 years in any skilled occupation mentioned in the Saskatchewan’s occupation list.To put it in other words, the candidate must have a work experience in an occupation under the National Occupational Certificate metric skilled level O, A, B that is present on the SINP occupation list.
  • The candidate may require providing for the documents validating all the information/eligibility claims, mentioned above.
  • The candidate should also provide the Saskatchewan’s authority with the Proof of settlement of assets.
If the candidate meets the above-mentioned criteria, then EOI (Expression of Interest) can be presented to the province. After successfully submitting EOI, candidate gets the nomination and after that within 60 days of time frame, the candidate is required to submit all the documents and pay the expenses.

Saskatchewan informs the candidates about the nomination formally through a nomination letter. After the nomination, the candidate is entitled to get an extra 600 points as CRS. Following this, the candidate gets an ITA for PR visa to Canada.

After applying for SINP:

When the province gets the EOI and the online application of the candidate, it evaluates the candidate’s submitted credentials against the qualification criteria.

In case the SINP finds any applicant ineligible for coming to Canada, he/she will be informed about the ineligibility. The applicant may apply again sometime in the future if their credentials changes and they meet the prerequisites as asked by SINP. You can also, in this case, get in touch with Oneclick visas as we improve our client’s profiles through various tricks!

On the other hands, if the application is eligible and has good credentials for SINP, then such candidate gets the nomination for immigration to Canada under the SINP. Based on the nomination, the candidate can claim extra points and gets federal invite in the next express entry draw.

Required Documents for SINP

Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code
The foremost document that you must have is your IRCC’s Express Entry profile number and Job Seeker Validation Code, before you present your application to the SINP.

Language Credentials
Candidates must submit the language document as asked by the SINP. All candidates must submit this in order to confirm their English language abilities.

The language credentials so submitted, must be from the authorised testing institution, for example, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)

Note that the test credentials must not be older than two years.

Educational Credentials
Candidates must submit the educational degrees, diploma, or a 3 year-long certification proof to be able to apply for SINP. Following documents are required to prove your educational capabilities:

  • Officially issued degrees by your institution. You can attach duplicates of your official transcripts if required.
  • For educational degrees obtained from outside Canada, you should getthe Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from an authorised body mentioned in IRCC’s list of associations. The result of the ECA must be positive to be eligible for SINP nomination.

Work Experience Credentials
Candidates must hold at least one year of full-time (minimum 30 hours out of every week) paid work experience in a job mentioned in the occupation list of Saskatchewan.The job also has to be skilled in nature. This means that your work experience must be from the occupation level “0”, “A” or “B” of the NOC that are in demand in the province of Saskatchewan.

To prove your job experience, following document are needed for submission:

Official Letters of reference and Experience letter. Letters of reference can be obtained from your Supervisor or HR head and your Experience letter is the relieving letter you receive when you left the Job. Note that these documents have to be on the organization’s official letterhead.
The Letter of reference ought to have the following information:
  • Your rank or position and date of joining and leaving
  • Your roles and responsibilities in precise manner
  • No of hours you worked each week
  • A short depiction about your organisation (nature of the business, industry concerned, etc.)
  • The name, signature and direct contact data of your chief or supervisor that may include the email address or phone number)

Confirmation of Professional Status or Licensure
Some of the occupations like that of Doctors; mandate the candidate to obtain the Professional Status or Licensure from the province before stepping in the country. You can know about such requirement from the Job Bank or directly through SINP portal. Else, you can get in touch with us and we shall guide you whether or not your occupation needs a professional license.

Settlement Funds and Settlement Plans
The candidate has to submit a settlement plan along with the application to SINP. This is submitted to ensure the authorities that you can survive in the country on your own and has all the financial as well as living arrangements to come and settle there.

The proper format for the settlement plan is available at Oneclick Visas.

Other than this, the candidate must also submit the settlement fund or proof of funds. The required settlement fund for your application depends on the size of your family.

Following are the documents that you must furnish as the ‘proof of funds’:

  • Official proclamations from the banks
  • Proof that the funds are there in the bank from the past 3 months before presenting your application to SINP and has to be kept up all through the whole immigration process.
  • Detailed document of transactions mentioning the cash, bank holder’s name, contact data of the bank, account numbers, exchanges and parities.
Note that such documents if not in English or French must be joined by an interpretation in either English or French.

Following are the assets that SINP considers as your ‘funds’:

  • Saving accounts
  • Bonds, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Provident Funds
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GICs) or Certificates of Deposit
  • Life Insurance
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)
  • Tax Exempt Savings Accounts (TFSAs)
  • Term deposits
  • Treasury Bills
Debentures, credit cards, gold, cash, property or business are not accepted as funds and thus cannot be used for the purpose of furnishing the proof of funds.

Close Relative in Saskatchewan
If you happen to have a relative living in the province, then you can gain extra immigration points by showcasing this fact. A nearby relative can be your:

  • Parent(s)
  • Sister or sibling
  • Auntie or uncle
  • Niece or nephew
  • First cousin
  • Grandparent(s) or
  • In-law of a similar relationship.
Following documents has to be submitted in order to prove your relationship with your relative living in Saskatchewan:

  • A birth certification, marriage certification or some other government issued ID that demonstrates your relationship with your relative. Ex, IDs with the same last names. In case of parents, you can show IDs having parent’s name written on it.
  • A duplicate of the relative’s Canadian PR card or citizenship card (whatever the present living status of your relative is)
  • Verification that such relatives have been legally living in Saskatchewan for years. For this, your relative can furnish the electricity bill or Saskatchewan Health Card or Saskatchewan Driver’s permit or any other government issued bill/ID.

Past Work Experience in Saskatchewan (if relevant)
In case you have ever worked in Saskatchewan, then you should submit your past work experience records to verify that you’ve worked in a Saskatchewan firm (for at least a year in the past five years). To prove your past experience in the province, you need to give letters of reference from your past employer(s), on the official letterhead of the company.

Like in case of non-Canadian work experience, your Saskatchewan work experience documents too, ought to have the following:
  • Your rank or position
  • Dates of joining of work and date of leaving
  • Your roles/duties and responsibilities in the organisation.
Past Study Experience in Saskatchewan (if relevant)
If you have earned any educational qualification from the province of Saskatchewan, then you should present the documents to prove your Canadian educational background. Following are the documents required to furnish to SINP:

  • Your officially issued degrees and transcripts with nameof the institution you have attended
  • A letter from the institution certifying that you haveearned a degree/diploma at that particular Saskatchewan school/college.
Identity and Civil Status Documents
The candidate also has to comply with the basic identification document requirements. You have to give the following documents in order to prove your status and identification to the Canadian authorities:

  • Birth Certificates, both yours and yours’ family
  • A marriage certificate
  • If you are not married but are common law partners, then you must submit IMM 5409 Declaration of Common-Law Union and some other proof of having one year of relationship as common-law partners. The proof to showcase your common-law relationship can be your joint bank account statements, mutually owned property, etc.
  • If you have been separated from your spouse, then you must provide for divorce papers validating your separations or any other proof as authorities may deem fit to ask. If you own a common child, authorities may ask you a letter from the other parent expressing that they know about your wish to move to Canada (with or without the kid/kids) and that there is absolutely no issues regarding the same.
  • If you have legally adopted the kid after separation from your spouse, then adoption papers are to be submitted too. At any point, the authorities may even ask you the name, address and contact information of your, your spouse, your child or any other family member of yours.
  • Other identity proof or certification for your character/fitness may include your PCC, medicals, etc.


It is needless to say how important your passport is for the immigration process. You’ll have to showcase the duplicates of front and back pages of your passport to the authorities before hand, to inform them about your visa number, date of issue of passport, expiry date of the passport, your photograph, name and place of birth of the candidate.Every accompanying member to Canada is required to show the passport too.

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