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How Can I Apply for Canada PR Without my Spouse?


The customary law/spousal sponsorship Canada migration program is a piece of the Family Class classification, through which Canada respects a considerable number of new PR inhabitants every year.

Do i Qualify for Canada PR?

Can I Apply for Canada PR Without my Spouse?

Truly, you may apply for Canadian Permanent Residence without your companion. However, in the event that you bring your mate and get their abilities assessed you will qualified for get extra scores also that will additionally helps your movement chances for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Be that as it may, there is no compelling reason to stress on the chance that you need to apply for Canada PR independently. The nation gives you opportunity to apply for lasting residency of Canada according to your very own desire and will.

There are diverse Canada PR programs that you should think about relying on your visa and qualification necessities. State, in the event that you need your family to come and settle in Canada on family visa programs you may choose spousal sponsorship, super visa and so forth after becoming a PR. Likewise, in the event that you need to come and settle in Canada as gifted vagrant, you have the alternative to apply through Express Entry and Provincial Nomination Programs.

In nutshell, there is no compulsion to bring your spouse along but is recommended if your scores are increasing with your spouse’s credentials. Nevertheless, you can also call your spouse on a spouse visa once you become a PR holder and settle in the country.

Now let us understand few things about spousal visa in Canada.

Canadian subjects and PR occupants may support their mate or precedent-based law accomplice for migration to Canada. In the event that effective, the supported individual acquires perpetual occupant status, permitting the couple (or family, if appropriate) to manufacture their lives in Canada.

In the event that you are keen on this pathway to become a PR visa, either as the support or supported individual, there is a lot to consider. Essential contemplations include:

  • What is your common status?Are you living in a similar area at the season of the application?Is the support a Canadian subject, or is the support a lasting occupant?
  • Both the support and supported individual must be affirmed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) all together for the supported individual to get Canadian perpetual home.
Customary Law/Spousal Sponsorship Canada: Who can support?

You can turn into a support on the chance that you are:

no less than 18 years old, a Canadian national, a PR occupant living in Canada, or an individual enlisted in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act;able to demonstrate that you are not accepting social help for reasons other than a handicap; and have enough pay to accommodate fundamental needs of your spouse.

On the chance that you are a Canadian national living outside Canada, you should demonstrate that you intend to live in Canada when your mate or accomplice turns into a PR inhabitant. You can’t support somebody on the chance that you are a PR occupant living outside Canada.

Some vital things to note: Quebec Region Sponsorship

In case that you live in the region of Quebec, you should likewise fulfil Quebec’s extra requirements.If you were supported by a companion or accomplice, you may not be a support yourself until five years have gone since you turned into a perpetual resident.

The support is monetarily in charge of the individual supported for a long time after the supported individual turns into a lasting resident.You can support your life partner, customary law accomplice or matrimonial accomplice on the off chance that the person in question is somewhere around 18 years of age and your relationship is certified (genuine) and wasn’t gone into to obtain outsider status in Canada.

Canada Spouse Visa Time Duration

When Canada companion visa forms the application, it achieves the remote visa office for endorsement. The normal preparing time will be 8 to 10 months for PR subordinate visa for Canada. In the event that you need to make your Canada mate visa process bother free, Then get in touch with us for smooth visa handling help.

Getting help with the precedent-based law/spousal sponsorship Canada migration process

Regardless of whether you are hitched, there is no certification that IRCC will acknowledge your custom-based law accomplice/spousal sponsorship Canada migration application. The application incorporates different structures and broad documentation, including material that demonstrates the continuous quality of the relationship. It is therefore stated to contact us for your actual eligibility. A list of few important eligibility factors are given below:

Qualification for Spouse Visa:

  • A candidate can possibly support his or her life partner or ward just if:
  • The individual in question is over 18 years old.
  • Must most likely give money related help to mate, customary law accomplice, subordinate kids or guardians.
  • The support ought not have supported his or her relative previously

Qualification for a mate or ward:

  • You are qualified to apply as a life partner for a support in Canada just if your marriage is lawful.
  • A ward ought to be under 22 years old and ought not be hitched.
  • Same-sex accomplices and common association accomplices are likewise qualified under the reliant visa class.
  • The companion or ward ought to most likely meet certain wellbeing and character necessities.

So in the wake of remembering the above certainties, the PR visa procedure can go further.

You can’t support your mate in the event that they are underage or beneath 18 years as indicated by the laws chosen by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). The companion visa is one the most ideal approach to be with your accomplice in Canada.

If you wish to move to Canada along with your spouse but your PR application is decreasing your score for that, then we have another option for you.

You can apply for a life partner subordinate open work grant alongside the companion visa if your life partner is living with you in Canada on a legitimate visa. Your companion can start working in Canada while the PR is being handled. To apply for a life partner subordinate open work license alongside the PR visa, Get in touch with us. Your life partner will turn into a PR when the person in question touches base in Canada. They will probably appreciate all the administration offices that a PR profits.

Apply for a Permanent Resident Visa in Canada:

All in all, it is better to seek a PR visa than any other for of visa as it is swift, fair and easiest way to settle in Canada.

As a gifted labourer and applying for Express Entry, you require to choose any one out of three projects to be specific The Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Federal Skilled Trade Program and The Canadian Experience Class.

In this manner, a base score of 67 out of 100 on Canada Point appraisal lattice is expected to apply for Express Entry. The scores are determined for age, instructive capability, work understanding, language capacity and versatility factors. The qualified candidates are then set in the express entry pool alongside other potential candidates. The competitor with the most elevated CRS score are welcome to apply.

Out of the three federal streams of Express Entry, you ought to figure out which one is suitable for you or let us do that for you. So get in touch with us.

Other than Express Entry, there are provincial nomination programs as well that allow a skilled individual to come and settle in Canada. If not Express Entry, an applicant can also consider applying through these PNPs or Provincial Nomination Programs for an elevated chances of immigrating soon to Canada.

Both Express Entry and PNPs are having different set of eligibilities and point requirement for skilled individuals like you.

Thus, we advise you to first contact us and we shall calculate your eligibility for the same.

In the event that you might want to book a discussion with a certified, experienced migration expert before continuing with the application, Oneclick Visas can encourage a booking effortlessly. Visit our office or Book an Immigration Consultant counselling session through phone. Our group of prescribed specialists will guide you further.

Get in touch with us today to start your application procedure or know in detail how you can immigrate to Canada without spouse. You may take help of the experts at +91 9821533309. Contact today.

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