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Canada Immigration News For Indian 2021


Canada has continuously been changing its rules and policies for betterment of immigrants and its economy at large. Recently, Canada has announced it’s first-ever Multi-year Immigration plan (2018-2020) which promises to bring in 1 million skilled immigrants from around the world by 2021.

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This is great news for those willing to set up their work and home in the maple leaf country. Most of the immigration quota is dedicated to skilled professionals who can apply through any skilled visa program of Canada such as The Express Entry Program, The Provincial Nomination Program and so on.

If you are considering Canada immigration, then it is important to stay informed and updated regarding the process and procedure of acquiring PR visa. The following article is a guide for all the potential immigrants. It will explain the recent changes in the immigration scenario that are likely to impact your visa application in 2021.

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Most significant news in Canada 2020-21

Skilled workers from around India is choosing Canada over U.S. as per a recent study

In a recent online research, it has been came out that more number of skilled job seekers from India are looking for Job opportunities in Canada than in the most popular economy of the United States. The report also suggests that the Job searches are for tech and related jobs.

These skilled people are searching for profiles like business analyst, software developer, web developer, data scientist, Java developer, software engineer and data analyst among other tech jobs. The study further pointed out the reason for the increase in searches. It says that may be partly due to both “Canada’s booming tech industry” and hesitation in the minds of Indians immigration aspirants about the U.S. H-1B visa program, which the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has tightened caused this major search shift to happen.

Canada’s tech industry is flourishing already and we hope the country will soon be at pinnacle of IT Job market. The following table will guide you about the most searched Jobs by Indians as the report suggests:

RankJob Title
1Business Analyst
2Data Analyst
3 Mechanical Engineer
4Software Developer
5Project Manager
6Web Developer
7Data Scientist
8Java Developer
9Civil Engineer
10Software Engineer

We you look at a bigger picture, Canada is not attracting the crowd from the globe as much as the United States as Job searches for U.S. jobs also rose in 25 of the 41 countries. However, in the remaining 16 countries including India, however, Canada’s share of Job searches in tech grew while searches to the U.S. declined. Canada is on its move to improve temporary work visas issues for eligible skilled workers through initiatives like the Global Skills Strategy and Global Talent Stream program. If you too are looking for opportunity to immigrate to Canada, contact us now!

If you are planning to apply for immigration to Canada, then there is no better day than today! Canada being the second largest country in the world with such diversity of cultures is a dream country for many people. With its high standard of living, excellent growth opportunities, immigrant-friendly policies and huge perks & benefits to its Permanent Resident Visa holders, Canada is a premium choice for re-settling overseas!

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Ontario is looking Ahead to double the Nominations for Permanent Residence by 2022

The most widely chosen province of Ontario is interested in inviting twofold the quantity of migration candidates that it is inviting now for Canadian PR through its Provincial Nominee Program, by the year 2022. In the on-going festive mood, the news is a good update for those willing to immigrate to Ontario province of Canada!

Ontario might want to raise its number of invites given through its Provincial Nominee Program, from the current 6,650 in 2019 to 13,300 in 2022. The Immigration Minister of Ontario, Vic Fedeli, has validated this, officially when he requested for the allotment in a letter sent recently to the new government serve, Marco Mendicino. A report from Marco Mendicino’s press secretary, Mathieu Genest, advised cooperation is important to IRCC’s system for the proper arrangement of immigration levels, which accommodates extra invites of 27,000 by the PNP over the years yet to come by 2022.

Genest additionally regulated the suggested Municipal Nominee Program for districts, which are not so big, and this government immigration pilot will get further settlers to the country and provincial networks in Ontario region and Canadian western regions.

It has also been speculated that the governmentally controlled PNP licenses, partner areas and domains of Canada is most likely to designate a fixed number of Economic class immigration candidates each year for Canada permanent residency. Every year, the number of invites under each PNP is fixed as per the program’s yearly targets, which are set by Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The invitations to skilled people through PNPs in the year 2019 are 61,000, which is an improvement of 6,000 over the 2018 where invite were 55,000 in total. Now it has been proposed that the number of invites in 2020 is likely to cross the limit line of 67,800! If you oversee the immigration trend in Ontario in the Current year, the province’s migrant stream called the Ontario Immigrant Nominee (OINP) Program, get the greatest portion of immigrants among other provinces of Canada. In the year 2019, till now, a total of 6,650 selections were there by Ontario. Now recently, new 700 invites were granted making the total 2019 invites to 7,350 in number.

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Canadian areas launches Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Few provinces of Canada have announced a new pilot. The program is expected to fill the present hole in the work market of provincial and northern networks. The program aims to counter the increasing problem of lack of skilled and young people in the economy as well as lower birth rates and an aging workforce.

As per the reports of the Canadian authorities, in between the years 2001 and 2016, there has been a 23% drop in the quantity of potential specialists. Also, those moving toward retirement have expanded by 40%.

This is a network driven program implying that the selected networks will be answerable for applicant recruitment. The objective is to draw in the sorts of settlers that can best fit the job market requirements of a particular network. For example, Northern networks will provide workforce flow for northern regions/provinces/cities/territories and so on. The pilot has over 11 areas and regions taking part in the network.

The networks will be searching for immigrants that not just address the issues of lack of labour force, but also additionally want to settle in the areas of that network.

To be qualified to be a pilot network, it is needed to meet the laid down requirements:

  • Firstly, the area is expected to have a population of less than 50,000.
  • Secondly, the area should be situated within 75 km from a centre of a metropolitan zone or have population range up to 200,000 and considered remote area as per Statistics Canada’s file of remoteness. According to these guidelines, the Community that can be eligible to take part should have been in: Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or Yukon.
  • Another important condition for the participation is that the network must have openings for work, a monetary improvement plan and an approach to effectively settle new foreigners into the network. Since this is a network driven experimental run program, it is important for the networks to be extremely associated with the program. It will be the network’s obligation to recognize openings for work in the nearby economy and to search out candidates that match these employments.

Participating areas in the Pilot: 

  • Timmins, Ontario
  • Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  • Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • North Bay, Ontario
  • Sudbury, Ontario
  • Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  • Claresholm, Alberta
  • Brandon, Manitoba
  • Rhineland/Plum Coulee/Gretna/Altona, Manitoba
  • Vernon, British Columbia
  • West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson), British Columbia

Applications under the new pilot is expected to be live in the coming year 2021

Latest Study says that Canadian Work Experience and Education boosts Immigrant Earning Potential

A new statistical report has surfaced online according to which, Canadian work experience and educational qualification do increase an immigrant’s earning potential in Canada.

The report is based on the data collected from the immigrants who were admitted to Canada in the year 2016. The study found that those with prior work experiencein Canada had the maximum chances to gain good paying jobs as compared to thosedo not have Canadian education and experience. The study also notes that from the year 2007, more invitations for immigration have been handed over to the worker who had work experience in Canada. The increase is as significant as 166%. Also, the quantity of settlers without work experience rose by 2%.

The report also suggest that PR holders are earning more as compared to those who have come to Canada on a work visa/work grant. Immigrants that came and settled permanently in Canada enjoys an average pay of $39,800 per year, while those who had been on a work grant just had a middle pay of $38,100. The Statistics Canada further says that these wages are in comparison with the whole Canadian population including the born citizens. Glancing back at settlers who were admitted to Canada in 2007, their average pay was $20,400. By 2017, it was at $33,500, which is a direct expansion of 64%.

The work experience in Canada is thus, a key factor in deciding your current pay as immigrant.The report also declared howthe 90% of Economic-Class migrants who were admitted to Canada in 2012 were still living in the same province/areawhere they have first took up the job post immigration. Those immigrants who have come to Canada without any pre-approved job offer from a Canadian firm or without any Canadian experience had a standard for dependability of 81%.

Quebec announces Sponsorship, Settlement, application fee Rise for 2021

Quebec has issued few new rules that are- money related aids and application charges.These standards have taken places, as there was an adjustment in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the province of Quebec. CPI is a macroeconomics factor that tells the inflation rate in a country/city. There was an adjustment in customer estimating of about 1.72% during the current year 2019 in Quebec. This rate does exclude liquor, tobacco, and cannabis.

These changes will be valid from the New Year i.e., January 2020. This means that on January 01, 2020, the settlement reserves and monetary limit measure of sponsored applicant is going be higher and so is the application processing expenses.

With the execution of these new rules, following people will be impacted:

  • The minimum budgetary limit of the person sponsoring a family member/relatives through the Quebec sponsorship program.

To support relatives for PR in Quebec, the PR holder ought to establish that they have denoted the minimum yearly gross pay. The requirement fluctuates as per the quantity of relatives coming to Quebec on a sponsorship. Moreover, aside from the minimum yearly pay, the sponsorer additionally needs to meet the necessities of the individuals to carry it to Quebec.

  • The money which students on study visa needs to pay to the institutionsfor studying in Quebec.

Increase in CPI will also impact the related commodities like books, tuitions, canteen food, etc.

  • The money related requirements(Proof of fund/capital for business visa, etc.) for the Quebec Skilled worker program, business program and independently employed program.

From January 01, 2020, the Quebec government expects any person coming to Quebec to keep up assets for a quarter of a year prior to the application submission. It will also impact the application processing charges to apply for residency in Quebec. For the primary candidate, the charge is $812 and each extra part expense is $174 for the application to Quebec. The application expenses ought to be paid completely in Canadian Currency.

Canada introduce two New Initiatives to Progress Family Reunification for Protected Persons

Canada as you must know is very attentive to all the family reunification needs of the immigrants. However, sometimes in the calling process, relatives of the immigrants face difficulties in their home country.

To address these difficulties, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has propelled 2 new initiatives: a unified admission of all PR occupant applications for protected people and their relatives abroad, and a 1-year Centralized Concurrent Processing Pilot.

Protected people who have relatives abroad would now be able to present an application for themselves as well as their relatives all the while at an area, the IRCC Case Processing Centre in Mississauga. The newly announced procedure will enable the secured individual in Canada to speak with IRCC in the interest of their family. Protected people who present an application for PR status on or after December 4, 2019, and whose relatives abroad are looking for immigration, will be called for the pilot venture. Candidates should in any case meet all qualification and necessities including medicals and other security checks.

Through the Centralized Concurrent Processing Pilot, the IRCC Case Processing Centre in Mississauga will process the applications for residency of both the protected individual and their abroad relatives. Relatives should live in those areas of Canada that are taking an interest in the pilot: Bogota, Buenos Aires, Kingston (Jamaica), Port of Spain,Lima, London, Nairobi, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo.

People from abroad now need Biometrics to Apply for Permanent Residence from within Canada

As per the latest report from Canada, foreign nationals applying from inside Canada for PR or any short-term visa should have their fingerprints and photograph taken.They can do as such at any of the 58 assigned Service Canada areas in Canada specifically for Biometrics system. This implies people coming to Canada need not spend their time and money for arrangement of biometrics in their home country as they get the option to give their biometrics inside Canada now.

Canada has one of the broadest systems of VACs around the world, with 160 areas in 108 nations. To get the biometrics done, individuals can apply either online or submit a paper application. Candidates who get a biometrics guidance letter will have the option to give their fingerprints and photograph at assigned Service Canada areas the nation over by arrangement. The arrangement must be made through a simple booking online. One can also give their biometrics at a visa application centre (VAC) in any nation that they are legitimately permitted to enter.

Canada has started gathering biometrics (fingerprints and photographs) since December 31, 2018 for immigrants only. The provisions now have been extended for every person entering Canada. The role of biometrics is vital in immigration as having a developed system of biometrics helps the officials to check individuals’ identity, which makes the application process much simpler and authentic. With the help of biometrics, officials can also stop people who represent a threat to the wellbeing and security of Canadians by denying their entry in the port.

This is the last period of Canada’s biometrics extension program. In the words of Marco E. L. Mendicino, P.C., M.P., Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship,’Fingerprints and photograph are perceived as one of the most solid ways to recognize and reveal identity of individuals and are present over 70 nations around the world. We will upgrade the productivity of the immigration framework in Canada.’

There are a few exclusions to the biometrics requirements as highlighted by the Canadian authorities. These includes:

  • Candidates under the age of 14, i.e., minors
  • Candidates over the age of 79 years (old aged).
  • S. nationals coming to visit, travel, work or settle in Canada on a temporary visa
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