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Canadian Immigration Medical Examination Process in India


Settling in Canada is a fantasy for many Indians nowadays and therefore knowing the basic prerequisites for the Permanent Resident Visa is very important before applying. One of the most common queries that we come across from our clients is regarding the clearing of medical examination.

Do i Qualify for Canada PR?

In spite of the fact that getting your medical certification is very simple process, candidates do have questions and perplexities with respect to when and how to get your medical exams done and from where. Here, we have talked about Canada medicinal examination in detail to answer every possible doubt in your mind right now. 

Why is medical certification required for Canada Immigration?

Medical examination is one of the principal criteria that must be paid attention to by all candidates while applying for a PR visa. It has been seen that candidates put their maximum efforts in arranging the educational records or work experience certifications. However, medical is equally important and must be paid equal attention. This test is important, as the Government of Canada doesn’t need physically unfit migrants to settle in the country, as it would bring many health related threat for the existing residents of Canada.

The motive behind Canada demanding your medicinal examination is to make sure that you are not having serious or communicable ailments when you enter the country. Clearing the examination is an absolute necessity as without that you won’t be regarded as fit to enter Canada and your application will be dismissed on these grounds of medicinal ineligibility.

CIC Rules for Canada immigration medical examination

IRCC prescribes certain rules regarding the entire medicinal exam that establish your fitness status in front of the authorities. To be called medically fit, CIC wants you to undertake the following medical examinations:

  • Physical examination
  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • Chest X ray test

The physical examination means examining the general state of well being of a candidate. It includes checking your skin condition, blood pressure levels, etc. Blood test is required for the candidate to point out infections (like HIV) in your blood.

How to select the doctor for your medical examination?

CIC provides you a lit of eligible doctors around you among which you can select. Note that CIC has no control over the expense or fee charged by any particular doctor.

To select the doctor from the prescribed list of eligible doctors, you need to visit the CIC website and search by yourself or else you can get in touch with us and we shall guide you all regarding the medical examination.

It is mandatory for all PR applicants to undergo medical examination through the panel of doctors recommended by CIC on its website. Any other doctor’s medical certification may stand ineligible.

In case you are consulting an immigration officer for your PR process, in that case, the board doctor will conduct medicinal tests of candidates and send the reports to visa specialists. The visa specialists talk about any issue in your medicinal report that is affecting your visa application and try to improve the situation together.

During the examination:

Now what happens when you actually reach for your medicals? When you arrive, the panel physician or other attending staff will approach you for the identity proof. Your photo will be taken for the records.

The specialist will round out a medicinal history survey with you. This survey will be a series of questions regarding your past or existing ailments of any. They will also ask you some information about any medicines or treatments you’re taking or have taken in the past.

As mentioned above, aside from the blood test or x-ray, the doctor will also take a physical examination so make sure to be easy and comfortable; it is doctor’s task to do so.

In the physical exam, the doctor will touch you to:

  • Measure your stature like weight and height
  • Check your hearing and vision power
  • Take your blood pressure by physical medical equipment
  • Take your heartbeat rate through statoscope
  • Listen to your heart and lungs and other bodily movements if required
  • Feel your belly and around
  • Look and feel at your skin
What to bring with you during your medical examination?

While coming for your medical exams, you should bring the following:

  • Your proof of identity that may include 1 official ID issued by the Indian government with your photo and signature, for example, AADHAR, passport, Voter ID, etc.
  • Eye glasses or contact lenses, in case your eyesight is weak and you wear them on a regular basis
  • Any past medical reports or test results that you think is important enough to disclose to your doctor
  • If you are currently under some medicine cycle or prescriptions, then you must also disclose it to your doctor
  • The Medical Report for (IMM 1017E) in certain cases
What is the right time to get your medical test done?

You can get your test done before or after you apply, keeping in mind the time duration you have before immigrating. This is because at the port, you will get entry in the country only if your medical is still valid.

In case you’re applying under the Express Entry Program, you have the choice of getting a test before you apply. To get it done, contact a board doctor straightforwardly. This way you will get to know your eligibility before applying at least in case of medical fitness.

The other way is to get the medical done after your process. In this case, CIC will send you directions to complete your medical examination. You should go for your medicinal test inside 30 days of getting these directions from the authorities. If you fail to adhere to these guidelines, CIC may decline your application even after a great score or perfect levels of credentials.

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