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3 Steps Process to Check Eligibility for Canada Express Entry 2021


The Canada Express Entry Program is for skilled and well-educated people hoping to settle in Canada. It works on a point-based basis and allots you immigration points on your educational qualification, skilled work experience, language abilities and age. The higher your points more are your odds of getting invited for Permanent Residency in Canada.

Do i Qualify for Canada PR?

The following are the key points that properly explains the Express Entry program:

  • EE is an online program
  • The program has three distinct streams named Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Traders Program, and Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program
  • To apply, you first need to present an application online by providing information such as your age, education, skills and other credentials
  • Your profile will be assessed and will be put in the pool called the Express Entry pool
  • The top rankers/candidates with highest points will be sent an Invitation to Apply for Canadian PR

Calculate Your Points for IELTS

Eligibility criteria for Express Entry Program 2021

Before initiating your express entry process, it is important that you know the basic eligibility requirement for Canada PR. The Canada Express Entry Program depends on a points-based framework to assess candidates for eligibility pass. The maximum score is CRS 1200. The points are given on the following basis:

  • Age
  • Level of Qualification
  • English Language skills up to CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 8/9
  • French language skills (if any)
  • Work experience in your home country
  • Work experience in Canada (if any)
  • Other adaptability factors such as sibling in Canada, PNP nomination, etc.

This is further explained below as:

3 Step Process to check your eligibility for Express Entry 
  • 67 points eligibility: Initially, you need to calculate your score on just 4 factors namely age, education, work experience and English language skills. On the basis of these credentials, you must get 67 points out of 100.
  • Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS): Afterwards, you must total your comprehensive immigration score of out 1200 which includes other important factors such as sibling living in Canada, job offer from a Canadian firm, nomination from a province, etc. For higher chances of immigration invite, you must try to get a total of 400-450 CRS.
  • Create Profile in Express Entry: Now you can create your profile and sit patiently for the express entry draw. If selected, you will be issued an ITA (Invitation To Apply) for applying to Canada permanent resident visa.
Minimum Criteria to get Eligible for Express Entry program in 2021


The age of the candidate must be at least 18 years and maximum must me 45 years at the time of making the application.

Educational qualification

The candidate must have at least 3 year long educational degree (diploma/graduate degree/certification) from a recognised university. You should also have an ECA report from an approved office in Canada. ECA report assesses whether your degrees/recognitions are at par with Canadian degrees and level of education.

Work Experience

The candidate must have minimum 12 months of skilled experience in a job that was paid and has minimum 30 hours per week work schedule. This 1 year of work experience has to be non-stop/continuous.

Language abilities

English or potentially French will help you a great deal in your immigration process. To get good English skills points, you must be decent in terms of your reading, writing, speaking and listening English (or French). Minimum English points= CLB 7.

Adaptability factors

The candidate can also claim points for any past work or qualification in Canada, any family member living in Canada, etc. Also, if your spouse is moving along, you can get extra points on your spouse’s credentials as well.

Express Entry Criteria for Skilled Workers

For skilled workers, Express Entry’s FSWP stream is the most appropriate one. The FSWP stream has reasonable eligibility conditions. These are:

  • This classification takes in those individuals who have 1 year of work experience with a NOC 0, A or B type.
  • The candidate must also have English capabilities up to level CLB 7.
  • In case of educational qualification, minimum graduation of 3 years is considered. If your education is from outside Canada, you should secure an Educational Credential Assessment as well.
  • FSWP candidates should likewise pass its point-based criteria, where at least 67 points is required for the application to be prepared further.

Step-by-Step Process for Express Entry Program

Stage 1: Create your Express Entry profile online

You should initially make your online Express Entry profile by visiting CIC website online or through a trained consultant like oneclick visas. The profile ought to have all the information regarding your age, work skills, qualification in education, language test results, and so on. You will be given a score on these credentials.

Stage 2: Get your ECA reports

You ought to get your Educational Credentials Assessment or ECA in case your educational degree is from anyplace outside Canada. The ECA demonstrates that your qualification levelis equivalent to the Canadian educational level. To get a positive ECA, your degree must be from a recognised university.

Stage 3: Appear for your language tests

English language tests i.e. IELTS score is needed for your immigration process. A groupof CLB 7 level is the minimum requirement. Your test score is valid for 2 years from the date of result obtained and therefore, you must take this test around the time you are thinking to file your express entry.

Apart from English, you can also get an edge over other candidates if you know the second official language of Canada i.e., French. French language test like the Test de assessment de Francians (TEF) will demonstrate your skills in the language and can allot you extra immigration points.

Stage 4: Calculate your total CRS score

When your profile reaches the Express Entry pool, it will be positioned on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score that is your total immigration score out of 1200. The criteria, which are considered, are age, work skills, adaptability, PNP nomination and so on. You can improve your score while your profile is in the pool but not after your get ITA.

Stage 5: Get your Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR visa

In case that your profile gets selected from the Express Entry pool via federal EE draw, you will get an ITA from the Canadian government after which you can begin the documentation for your PR visa within 90 days of time period (deadline).

Express Entry Processing Time

Canada Express Entry is the swiftest immigration program in the world. Normally, it takes the time period of 4–5 months. However, in certain cases, it may get delay due to heavy backlogs, internal issues in the immigration department, changed countries policies, etc.

If you hire an Immigration consultant like oneclick visas, you get assurance of delivery of your PR visa within 6 months!

Express Entry Processing fees and government charges

The Canada PR visa fee is as follows:

  • Primary applicant: CAD $550.
  • Secondary applicant (example your spouse): CAD $550
  • Right of PR fee: CAD $490
  • Accompanying Child (under 22 years): CAD $150
  • IELTS Test fee: INR 12,000
  • ECA Through WES Canada: CAD$200 which is INR 9,814
  • Cost for PCC- Not fixed
  • Medical certification cost- Not fixed
How do I check if am eligible or not for Express Entry Program for 2021?

Under Express Entry, Federal Skilled Workers stream has over 347 qualified occupations. To know if you are eligible or not, you must need to see the NOC list (National Occupation code) first. If your profile of work is present in the list then you can take the second step, which is calculating 67 points out of 100. If you manage to get 67 points, then go ahead to file your application. If you want to be sure of your eligibility before initiating the process, you can get in touch with us and we shall prepare an assessment report for you!

Get Free Assessment Report from Oneclick Visas

Oneclick Visas provides a quick assessment report which is free of cost. Our immigration team will ask you your basic credentials and prepare a free assessment report, which will reveal your eligibility. We will provide you with your immigration assessment report within 1-2 business days. To get started, get in touch with us right away!

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