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2 Steps Process to Calculate Your Points For Canada Immigration


If you are looking forward to immigrate to Canada in 2020, the most popular program is the Express Entry system. The Express Entry is the most straightforward online program that works on a point system. Following are the details regarding the point system of Canada immigration.

Do i Qualify for Canada PR?

Know How to Calculate Points For Canada Immigration 2021 – CRS Calculator

Canada has become one of the world’s greatest economies. In fact, the employment opportunities in Canada have been blasting in the recent years 2018 and 2019. The rate of unemployment in Canada is almost negligible, implying that there are huge job creations as well as opportunities for skilled workers. This is one of the principal reasons that Canada invites such a huge number of immigrants, and give them a chance of settle down and work in Canadian firms.

Canada Immigration- Points Based Immigration System (67 points and CRS)

The points system of Canada immigration is a dual point level system. One is 67-point system and other is the CRS system. The 67 points is included in the total CRS. While the 67 points is needed to file your express entry, CRS points are responsible for giving you a quick invite for Canada PR visa.

CIC use various factor to help you survey your qualification for the Federal Skilled Worker Program and these factors together gives you a score point. The minimum required score is67 points out of 100on the basis of your age, education, language skills and work experience. If you manage to get a score of minimum 67 points and meet all requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, then you can straightaway start filing your express entry application.

After successfully submitting your express entry profile, you will land into the Express Entry pool. When you are in the Express Entry pool, CIC uses the CRS system to rank your profile and eventually give you an ITA (Invitation To Apply).

67 points system explained

67 points are allotted on 4 main factors, which are core requirement for every immigrant aspirant. These are:

  • Age
  • Educational qualification
  • Language skills
  • Work experience

Based on how proficient these given credentials are, the candidate gets the points. Thus, Canada immigration points are very vital for successfully immigrating to Canada. Hence, if your score is less than 67 out of 100, you might have the option to get a higher score by doing the following:

  • Improving your language skilled through re-giving IELTS
  • Finishing another (higher) degree from a recognised university
  • Finding a skilled work/job in Canada
CRS Points Calculator 2021

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a used to survey and rank your Express Entry profile. The rank of the applicant in the Express Entry pool is the most important factor while handing out invites for Canada permanent resident visa.

CRS score is completely based on the submitted profile of the applicant in the express entry pool. You will get your CRS score dependent on the info you gave in while preparing your express entry profile. Just top-positioned applicants in the Express Entry pool are given an Invitation to Apply (ITA) at the hour of express entry draw. Therefore, it is important to know your CRS score before actually sending your profile in the pool. For this, you can make use of Oneclick visa’s CRS points calculator 2020.

How to Calculate CRS Points for Canada Immigration?

Canada immigration authorities have provided various online tools to calculate your CRS scores. However, CRS score must be calculated very cautiously as these are the final immigration scores on which your overall ranking depends. It is hence sensible to get in touch with an expert consultancy like Oneclick visas. We would calculate your CRS score through a certified means for accurate CRS predictions.

Minimum CRS Requirement

The total CRS score is out of 1200 points out of which, there is no minimum limit. The candidate must try to score the maximum CRS for a competitive profile in the pool.

Following are the factors on which CRS scores are allotted:

  1. Core human capital factors such as:
  • Age
  • Educational levels
  • English language proficiency
  • Canadian/non-Canadian work experience
  • Spouse skills
  1. Skills transferability factors
  1. Additional factors such as:
  • A provincial nomination from any province of Canada
  • A qualifying job offer from Canada
  • Canadian educational degrees/diplomas, etc
Moving to Canada Requirements 2021?

By now, you must have understood what it takes to immigrate to Canada. If you are a skilled and qualified individual and knows how to communicate well in English plus you are young and capable of financing yourself in Canada then you can easily move to Canada in 2020.

In fact, the Canadian government has been actively inviting Indian immigrants under its Multi-year immigration targets set up till 2022. This is therefore the right time to start with your immigration process!

Why choose an Immigration Consultant for computing your CRS score?

Calculating your CRS is an absolute necessity as an accomplished and master movement expert can help in that. Any error in the calculation can cost colossal. Additionally Oneclick Visas has a variety of data with respect to how to expand your odds for getting chosen from the pool of applicants.

The Oneclick Visas can enable you out with the means to be pursued to apply for relocation and to prevail also. We are likewise expected to think about the secrets to pick up acknowledge points as that can likewise help in expanding our odds of getting chosen from the pool.

This PR arrangement of credit points is gainful however not a definitive parameter of determination with regards to relocation to Canada. The individual eagerness and capacity is constantly tried before he/she is chosen from the pool.

Just the application isn't sufficient for an individual to get chose. The eye to eye meet is the hardest round to be cleared there. Be that as it may, this gaining of PR credit points dependent on a variety of parameters, for example, instructive testaments, relatives living abroad, work involvement, etc can be extremely productive. These were a portion of the angles that are to be known while we intend to move to Canada. Additionally, this PR point accumulation should be remembered. This arrangement of credit point tallying includes the feature of rivalry and keeps in consider the qualification factor well.

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