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Two Ways to Immigrate to Canada in 2021


Presently, there are excess of 60 Canadian programs which are accessible to people looking to move to Canada on a PR. Most of these are skilled programs that consider your credentials such as age, education, experience and language abilities as factors for selection.

Do i Qualify for Canada PR?

Thus, the process to acquire Canadian PR card is entirely based on a point system. Like a “green card” in the United States, a Canada Permanent Resident Card will empower you to work and live in Canada on a permanent basis. Also, a Canadian PR will grand you many perks such as subsidize medical services, free education up to high school, etc.

The government of Canada has two platforms through which a candidate can show interest in immigration. One is the Express Entry system and the other is Provincial Nomination Programs. Below, these two are explained in detail.

Why settle in Canada in 2021?

There are various ways to come and settle in Canada. There are temporary ways such as Work visa, Study visa and so forth. However, if you are seeking to permanently settle in Canada, then the most ideal approach is through the PR status. For those skilled people who are willing to settle in, forever, there are 2 ways– one is federal Express Entry and other is provincial programs PNPs.

All in all, there are over 60 pathways through which you can move to Canada yet the most well known pathways are the two mentioned i.e., the Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Program. Express Entry System being the most mainstream program, allow the applicants to move in within just 6 months! In 2020, nevertheless, PNPs are also inviting skilled population actively.

Popular Pathways to Immigrate to Canada in 2021
  •  Express Entry Program
  •  Provincial Nominee Program
1.Express Entry system

Express entry is a point-based system of immigration. The federal system EE has been introduced in the year 2015 and ever since, it has been inviting skilled people in a huge numbers! This is the most well-established and known system not only among Canadian immigration programs but also among the immigration programs around the globe!

To be eligible for immigrating to Canada through express entry, there are certain base rues to follow. These are:


  • At least 67 points out of 100 on the point assessment grid on the basis of factors such as age, education, skills at work, language ability.
  • Age of at least 18 and not more than 45 years
  • Educational qualification of minimum 3 years in the form of a degree/certificate/ diploma, etc.
  • Work experience of minimum 12 months in a skilled job, which also has to be full-time, paid and continuous
  • English language ability of minimum CLB 7 (reading, writing, listening, speaking)
Express Entry Process:

Canada selects skilled candidates through the express entry system via regular draws. These draws happen once in every 15 days. This draw is basically relies upon your point score and the score relies upon components like your education, work skills, age, language and more.

For a quick invite, you need to take care of two aspects:

  • Arranging a job offer
  • Getting a nomination from a province

Canada gives extra scores to candidates who manage to get a LMIA approved work offer from a Canadian firm. Thus, it will make your odds of getting an invite from CIC much more. LMIA will add 50-200 points to your profile.

Also, if you can arrange the provincial nominal certificate from any Canadian province, you can earn up to 600 points! This will be a major boost to your total score and hence you can expect a quick PR invite.

When you get the invite from CIC to apply for PR visa, you will be required to present documents, which CIC will ask during the procedure. You will likewise need to submit testament, reports, medicals, PCC, etc. You have to ensure your reports don’t contain any errors or misrepresentation as it can then postpone your processing time.

Processing time:

In the case of a proper profile and related documentation submitted by you works out positively, you will get notification from CIC inside a time period of just 6 months. After getting the invite, you will be given 90 days of time to apply for the visa in hand.The processing times may sometimes suffer due to:

  • Internal issues of CIC
  • Backlogs of applications
  • Negative Immigration policies of Canada

By choosing the right consultants, you can improve upon the processing time of express entry. Our visa experts have been trained to provide you the swiftest document submission, profile management, etc. they are also available to talk to you anytime of the day!


Express Entry is an inexpensive method of immigrating to Canada. the country charges the processing fee and related expenses for a lifetime of settlement in Canada! Following are the charges one needs to incur throughout the process of express entry:

  • WES Education Credential Assessment (ECA) –227CAD
  • Processing fee- 550CAD
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)- CAD490
  • Dependent Child coming along- 150 CAD
  • Charges of an immigration consultant (fee varies)

Oneclick visas has the most nominal fee structure. We just charge the CIC charges and processing fee from our clients. We even provide a free assessment services to immigration aspirants so that they can be sure of their eligibility before actually starting with the process and investing money into it.

2. Provincial Nomination Programs

PNP Program that stands for the Provincial Nominee Programs are another popular way often considered by the applicants. In Provincial Nominee Programs, applications can be made for these migration streams:

  • British Columbia Provincial nomination program
  • Alberta Provincial nomination program
  • Saskatchewan Provincial nomination program
  • Manitoba Provincial nomination program
  • Ontario Provincial nomination program
  • Quebec Provincial nomination program
  • New Brunswick Provincial nomination program
  • Nova Scotia Provincial nomination program
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial nomination program
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial nomination program

Out of these, many provinces directly call skilled people for permanent settlement while some are linked with the federal system of express entry.

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are specific programs by the Canadian provinces to call people with the right skills and qualifications to move to Canada and settle in a particular province in Canada.

Processing of PNPs:

All the Canadian provinceshas two types of streams- one is direct application stream and another is the express entry linked stream.

In the direct application system:

The provinces has shared arrangements with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that permit them to pick and select candidates who have the right set of credentials and willing to settle in the province.

The regional governments have been inviting skilled workers for local development of the economy. Each PNP is customized under the needs of the area, and the PNP program chooses those sorts of applicants who will have the ability to come and work productively for the province’s economy.

To apply to the PNP directly, one must have the required educationand basic work skills with language skills in the local language of the province (English or French) and also a medical, PCC, etc. as genuine reports of himself and the family.

In case of express entry linked stream:

  • One must first have an active express entry profile. This means that before you start going knocking for a nomination, you must first have to make sure that your profile is in the express entry pool.
  • Based on your profile’s credentials and total CRS scores, a province may issue you an invite. For accepting the nomination, you will get the 600 extra CRS and a quick invitation to apply for a PR to Canada!
  • Not all the provinces have the express entry linked stream. Therefore, before setting down on any province, you must see if that particular province is offering the stream you intend to apply through.
Which Pathway is better to Immigrate to Canada quickly?

To immigrate to Canada quickly, you must choose the express entry route. However, in the past few years, the federal government has been increasingly the minimum cut-off for invitation. Earlier applicants with the CRS 400 used to get the invites from CIC. The scenario has changed now and applicants must get minimum of 440 CRS in order to get a quick invite.

This leaves us with another option of immigrating i.e., Provincial Nomination Programs. There are 10 provinces in Canada each with its own nomination program. Thus, there is diversity in case of PNPs.

In nutshell, if you are skilled enough to stand competitive in the express entry pool and your final score is above 440, you can straightaway apply for federal stream express entry. In case your credentials are average, you can consider applying with any of the provincial programs.

Benefits of immigrating to Canada in 2021

Canada PR comes with a lot of other benefits as well. Few of them are monetarily, some are freebies and same other are subsidised. All in all, following are the benefits of immigrating to Canada in 2021:

Canada’s Job market is flourishing: Canadian government’s sole purpose of inviting such huge numbers of immigrants is to attract the workforce for the Canadian economy.Canadian job market has been the biggest pull for Indians as the job market is always bustling with jobs and also these jobs pay you really well!The immigrants will find the work atmosphere in Canada inviting and pleasing.

Social insurance for PR holders: Canada’s social insurance schemes are very popular. The nation and the administration authorities make it pleasurable for the immigrantscoming to Canada. Many such schemes include free medical aids, unemployment allowances, free education, etc.

Canada is a multi-social blend: Canada has been an inviting country to aspirants from around the world. People moving to Canada can live in the country in harmony. Especially for the Indian population, Canada is the right place to be at as even in a foreign land, Indians can feel at home!

Low rate of crime: Canada is the safest place to move with your family and children, as the crime rate is very low in Canada. Canada has one of the most reduced rates of crime and related wrongdoings on the planet. Canadians experience less violations of law, less break-ins and robbery and people of Canada thus, are living a peaceful life!

Quality Education: Canada’s educational framework is well established and popular for the notable institutions giving the quality education to students around the world. Many Canadian universities are imparting education at par with the international levels.

Country full of Natural Resources:Canada has many physical assets like water bodies, petroleum, wood and other materials. Canada is an entirely rich nation and is capable of providing the resources to its residents in the coming years.

Also, even the normal view in Canada is very beautiful- from the seas to the lakes, to the mountains and snow, Canada offers all the amazing and magnificent scenic views that you could enjoy.

Is immigrating to Canada easy?

Canada is considered as the second biggest nation on the planet and that is why more and more people are choosing to immigrate to this sparsely populated country. Canada is one of the most secure countries having a low rate of crimes and the Indian community already thriving.

Canada’s economy is in need of skilled workers right now due to acute shortage of the workforce in the country. Thus, for any skilled and qualified applicant, immigrating to Canada is easy.

Also, it isn’t that much hard to move to Canada if you pick the correct immigration experts for managing your case like Oneclick Visas. Our firm has been handing out the invites to the skilled people who are willing to immigrate to Canada permanently. A number of our clients are happily settled in Canada with their families and we endeavour to send more families abroad!

For any additional information in this regard, get in touch with us right away!

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