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Six Reasons Why your Canadian Permanent Resident Visa may get denied


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6 Reasons why your Canadian PR Visa may get denied

Canada PR visa rejection comes with a lot of disappointment. Not only your money, but your hopes and time also gets wasted. Therefore, it is better to get acquainted with the reasons for rejection. This way you can avoid mistakes and be pre-cautioned before submitting your visa application.

Oneclick Visas has gathered the most common 6 reasons for rejection of Canada PR Visa. These are as follows:

You haven’t submitted the right documentation or submitted the incomplete documents

Documentation is an important part of your visa application and any mistake in the submission can cost you rejection and even a ban for further chances of applying. Your documents that IRCC requires include the following:

  • Age proof
  • All qualification records
  • Experience letter
  • IELTS result proof
  • Recent photographs
  • Passport
  • Verification of money (Proof of Fund)
  • Medical
  • Character certification
  • Other documents as per the situation such as PNP nomination certification, marriage certification, etc.

The above mentioned documents are needed and are important for approval of your visa application as it furnishes the following:

  • Gives confirmation of your skills and experience
  • Gives confirmation of your educational status
  • Demonstrate that you are able enough to communicate in English
  • Give verification of no criminal record in your home country
  • Demonstrate that you do not pose against the national security to the Canadian population
  • Demonstrate that you are healthy to come and settle among Canadians

Oneclick Visas has designed a complete Document Checklist for all our clients so that you submit documents without any error or omission.

Any past or current criminal records

Canada is a county that prioritise the protection and security of its citizens. A criminal conviction is therefore a very serious factor that is considered before giving you a PR visa. Any criminal activity in your nation of origin (or any other nation you have been an occupant of) is a significant factor that may obstruct your fantasy to move to a Canada. It doesn’t make a difference how small your criminal record is–Canada would consider it a solid ground for rejection.

It is also advised not to hide or conceal your criminal background. This is because it isn’t hard for a nation like Canada to discover your identification and criminal history attached to you. Be straightforward and do not misrepresent any information whatsoever.

Your Funds are not sufficient/ you lack the funds that are required for immigration process

Proof of Fund is considered by Canada to make sure that you are financially sound and able to finance yourself in a new country. Moving to Canada or some other nation isn’t just getting the visa and arriving in the nation but also is able to survive decently and live a good lifestyle (which is probably the reason you are immigrating). In nutshell, Canada will not give you a PR visa in any case if you fail to arrange adequate assets to help yourself and your family.

This proof of fund is variable and not fixed. The amount of fund you need to furnish depends on the number of relatives immigrating with you. Thus, if you are planning to take your family along, you must consider the amount of funds you need to maintain otherwise your application will be rejected.

You have not provided the right travel history

You must reveal to the Canadian authorities all your travel history. Any omission can cost you visa denial. This is because if you have been to different nations and remained there for a period of 6 months or more, then in this case, you are required to show the Police Clearance Certification (PCC) from each one of these countries. You must have a clean chit in all the nations that you have been to and lived for minimum 6 months.

If, on account of fear, you fail to provide the complete travel history, then CIC has all the right to reject your application on these grounds.

You are not physically fit or mentally sound

To immigrate to Canada, you must be medically fine. You must not pose any threat to general well being or security of the citizens of Canada. To showcase your health, you need to undertake medical examinations through prescribed doctors (list of doctors available on the CIC website).

As an immigration aspirant, you cannot be admitted to Canada as a PR with a serious ailment. This is mainly because of 2 main reasons:

  • Someone with the aim of entering Canada and take advantage of cheap medical treatments and other medical free assistance must not be entertained in Canada.
  • Someone with a highly communicable disease can put the public of Canada at a health risk which is concerning.

You miss deadline of submission of documents

Your visa application will automatically be rejected if you miss the deadline of submission of your documents. All the selected candidates will be given 90 days of time post ITA to submit the documents.

This time period is crucial and therefore CIC has recently increased this limit from 60 days to 90 days.

Therefore, to avoid any rejection issues at the end of your process, you must take care of your deadline to submit documents.

How Oneclick Visas can help you?

All the above-mentioned faults and mistakes can be avoided by simply giving your case in the hands of a professional and certified immigration consultant like Oneclick Visas. The knowledgeable case officers in our team are skilled enough to take care of your case completely. With us, you need not take any toll regarding the arrangement of documents, submission, deadlines, misrepresentation, funds approval, etc.

To get a detailed view in this regard, we suggest you to contact us right away. Our immigration experts shall determine your eligibility as per your credentials and get started with your process as soon as possible.

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