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How to Get Canada Student Visa from India online?

Canada gives numerous chances to students from all across the globe to come and study in the prestigious colleges in the country. Canada is well known for its educational framework. Canadian degree is viewed as proportionate to the degrees from US, UK, NZ, Australia and other Europe nations.

Canada is extremely popular country for those who need a perceived reputed degree. Canada is the well-developed nation and gives advanced education to people from everywhere throughout the world.

Applying for Canada student visa online

You can apply for the Canadian study grant through an online application or by physically presenting the application, which can be procured from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) site. It is in every case great to check about the documents, preparing time, etc. ahead of time. So as to apply on the web, you would require a credit card or a debit card and duplicates of your authentications and records.

In case you're applying on the web, be prepared to make sweeps of all the reports you have to. You should assemble all the archives previously, so you're prepared to get them scan and submitted. In case that you don't have a scanner at home take it to a neighborhood store and do it there. In case that you have a cell phone, there're a lot of scanner applications that carry out this function as well. So it shouldn't be too difficult yet we recommend you to get in touch with us before initiating on your own.

Before you can do any of this however, you must have a letter of acknowledgment from a Canadian college. It must be a standard and perceived letter. You have to ask your college that has given you the offer letter; about all the qualifications and documents they need. When you have your letter, you can then officially begin the procedure towards applying and accepting your Canadian study visa. When you have fulfilled these specific parameters and necessities, you'll get a code for the site and afterward you can make an application on the web. In case you're not making an application online, you need to visit the proper office to submit the application.

Who needs a Canadian study visa?

Any student wishing to seek admission in a course that is present in the Canadian universities would require a Canadian study visa. A Canadian study visa will not only permit you tostudy in Canada but also allow you to remain in Canada and work part time for the term of your course.

Applying for a Canada Study Visa

The following steps are associated with the study visa application process to Canada:

  • You can apply for your Canadian visa once you get an offer letter or letter of acknowledgment from a DLI education foundation in Canada. DLI stands for Designated Learning Institution. This letter can be acquired through an online application or by applying to the college via paper form.
  • You then need to secure the visa application from the CIC site or from the nearby visa office or from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your nation or through a visa consultant.
  • In case that you are qualified to apply for the visa, you will get an individual code which remainsvalid for a period of 60 days. You will require this code to present your online application. Take a print of the page containing this code.
  • When you have finished the above steps, you should make an account online on CIC website where you need to enter the code.
  • When this is done, you will need to transfer and present your documents utilizing a printer or scanner.
  • You may likewise be required to go to a meeting/interview at the nearby visa office.
  • Note: you can skip all the above mentioned steps by simply hiring a visa agent for you
Required Documents for Student Visa

Documentation is the vital part for any visa including the student visa. The following documents has to be presented while showing your interest in studying in Canada:

  • Properly filled application form
  • The letter of acknowledgment or offer letter from a Canadian college/ university
  • Proof of identity/travel report, which permits you to come back to your own nation.
  • Two latest photos with your name and date of birth referenced at the back.
  • Qualification, language ability proofs
  • Proof of solid family ties in your country
  • Verification of money to show your capability of sustenance during your stay in Canada. This includes your tuition charge of 833 CAD for each month for all areas (917 CAD for every month for Quebec).
  • Other documents as deemed necessary by the authorities to ask you
Working in Canada with a Student visa

You can work in Canada on your study visa. A study visa will assist you to get qualified for 20 hours of low maintenance work during the semesters. So as to fit the bill for work, you will likewise needto be a full-time student and you ought to have joined a university for a post-secondary level of course or ought to do a scholastic, skilled or professional program.

On your study visa, you could also have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada to work in Canada and to receive different rewards. Your study visa is valid just for 90 days after your course closes. Subsequently, in case that you wish to remain back and work in Canada, you should apply for a post-graduation work license. This grant has a legitimacy of 3 years.

Visa Language Requirements

Before you come to Canada to study, you should demonstrate your capability in the official language (English) as for reading, writing, listening and speaking. In the case that you have taken admission in a French province (eg, Quebec), then you need demonstrate your capability in the French language.

Language ability is important as the medium of instruction in the Canadian colleges is English and to fully understand and comprehend the subjects/issues/topics taught at the university, you must be fluent in all aspects of the English language.

Why Study in Canada?

Immense number of aggregate courses with the right examination approach makes Canada a decent destination to study. The first objective of Canadian Education System is to make students fruitful in each part of life and make them successful for the life ahead. Students holding a Canadian degree can work over the globe in exceptionally good organisations. Many certificate, degree programs are accessible from various Canadian schools/colleges/universities that are valued in every country.

Canada has few of the world’s top universities and that is why Canadian degrees are very much honoured with the best degrees in the world. The cost of studying in Canada is reasonable too. Other than these few benefits, there are other reasons as well, for which a student must choose Canada for his study visa. These are:

Multicultural Society: Canada gives a multicultural domain to students across the boundaries. Individuals from various pieces of the world come to study in Canadian Institutes and there is zero discrimination at the campuses. Fortune Magazine has even pronounces Toronto and Ontario as the best International urban areas for students.

Expectation for everyday comforts: The living style of Canadians typically interests international students since they have one of the most noteworthy expectations for everyday comforts. Significant urban communities of Canada have an assortment of malls, eateries, flats, PGs, Colleges, Universities and so forth. In addition, Canadian institutes are set up with the modern novelty.

Sensible costs: Inflation pace of Canada is extremely low when contrasted with modern nations, in the previous three years. Education costs for outside people in Canada is a lot lower. Besides, the quality of education one gets in the Canadian Institutes is fantastic and truly valuable. Reasonable cost for study is one of the biggest magnets for students from various countries. Additionally, the Canadian colleges run numerous grant projects to empower students to earn scholarships.

Canadian Lifestyle: Canada is the best local location of the world as indicated by UN review. Canada is positioned as number 1 for as long as 9 successive years. Canada gets a high score as a result of its great education system, less crime percentage, less savagery, sensible living expense and so forth.

Work Opportunities: Students can work low maintenance in Canada during their course by which they can have the option to pay their every day costs. The greatest term of low maintenance work is 20 hours/week where the students who have picked the programs in Canadian universities can work all day.

What to do if your study visa for Canada is about to expire?

The Canada Study Permit is valid for the time period that you are studying in Canada. After completion of your study, there is a time window of an extra 90 days to give you an opportunity to get ready to leave Canada or apply for another temporary visa. So if your study visa is near lapsing, you need to either apply for a work permit or you can also extend your study visa.

To extend your study visa, you should present an application 30 days before your visa terminates. You can check the expiry date of your study visa, which is situated in the upper right corner of the permit. Before you apply for the extension of your visa, you should ensure that your identification is as yet legitimate. You can't get your visa extended if your visa has terminated and if you travel out of Canada with a lapsed visa. Once you go out of Canada with an expired or about to expire visa, you won't be permitted to enter once more. In case, it is an emergency to go outside of Canada and your study visa is near termination, you should initially apply for it and afterward travel safely. Try not to leave Canada if your study visa is near expiry in light of the fact that the Canadian authorities won't let you back in. 

If your Canada visa has just terminated and you have not applied for an extension, at that point you should leave Canada. Here, you need to apply for a fresh visa from outside of Canada. Another option with you is that you can apply for a work permit, which will remain valid for a period of 3 years and will allow you to take up work in Canada and remain in the country. A work permit, like a Canadian study visa is a temporary visa and not a permanent one. If you plan to settle in the country, then you need to apply for a PR visa, which is a permanent settlement visa.

Canada study visa processing time/processing steps from India

Canada consistently stayed a most loved nation for Indian students. The Canadian government greets its students wholeheartedly. Due to the simple migration strategies and admission procedures, Indians love to visit or study in Canadian universities.

Students who are from India need to get a Study Permit first. As per new rules went in 2018, the SDS program chops down its time to inside 45 days, rather than 60 days. Students from India who can demonstrate their scholarly capabilities and show that they have the money back up to study and live comfortably in Canada can pick the Student Direct Stream or SDS program. As per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is their migration division), the new rules defined in June 2018 state those applying for post-secondary courses are qualified for the SDS program at all designated learning institutes (DLI).

When a choice has been made for the visa application, the candidate will get a notice of being chosen by means of an email and will be approached to present the identification through a Passport Request Letter. In case that the student is ignorant of messages from IRCC, then it is right to check the CIC account intermittently. The authorities will also update your approval status in your account.

How much does a Canadian study visa costs?

A Canadian study visa is going to cost you around $150 CAD. This is a base cost and will probably be somewhat more once you have really started with the process and submit your application.

There are some miscellaneous costs too, which are country-specific meaning that there are some countrymen which need to borne them. In India, for example you need to give your biometrics, which is not required for countries like US. There is an extra charge of $85 for the process of biometrics.

Top universities in Canada for Indian students

Canada has a reputation of world's best educational destination with many prestigious universities. The most well known Canadian areas for students are Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, PEI and Quebec, which are home to a large number of the top colleges in Canada.

For those hoping to learn at a first class college in one of the world's most evolved countries, applying to study in Canada can be an appealing alternative. A sum of 26 colleges in Canada is highly reputed which were also there in the QS World University Rankings 2019. In this index, 3out on the world’s best 50, and 11 out of the world's main 300 universities, belongs to Canada.

The two top rankers in the index are the University of Toronto (28th) and McGill University (33rd), situated in Toronto and Montréal (the two biggest urban areas in Canada). Likewise, the University of Alberta, Université de Montréal, the University of Waterloo, McMaster University and the Western University are positioned within the worldwide top 220 universities!

In nutshell, Canada is an outstanding destination for International students to study and clear their professions to a splendid future. The initial step to that would apply for the Study Permit right here. Get in touch with us and we shall guide you further!


Q: What do you need a study visa?

A: You need astudy visa to seek educational courses/programs in Canadian universities/college/schools, etc.

Q: What is a study visa?

A: A study visa is the official record allowed by the Government of Canada that gives you consent to come stay and study in Canada. It gives you the privilege to stay in Canada for the length of the course, which may be from 1 year to 4 years.

Q: When to apply for a study visa?

A: It can take up to 15 days to2 months to process a study visa, depending upon the complexity of your case. If all your documents are present and your credentials in place, then it will take straightaway 15 days to get the approval on your study visa.

Q: What makes you qualified to apply for a study visa to Canada?

A: You have to satisfy some criteria before applying for study visa to Canada. Following mentioned are few significant points that would make you qualified:

  • Acknowledgment by a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada is compulsory.
  • An affirmation that you will leave Canada toward the finish of your studies
  • You should demonstrate that you have enough cash/bank balance to pay for your education costs, day to day costs and return cost.
  • You ought not have any criminal history in your home country
  • You ought to be medically fit

Q: How to begin with the application procedure for study visa?

A: The first step to apply for a study visa is to get a letter of acknowledgement by any Designated Learning institute (DLI) from Canada. This is an admission confirmation and thus is a primary requirement before you start off with the process.

Q: What is DLI?

A: Designated learning institute (DLIs) are those universities/colleges or other educational foundations in Canada, which have been assigned to get the students from outside Canada admitted in different courses. As per the Canadian government's arrangement, each person who needs to apply for a student visa needs to get a letter of acknowledgment from any of these foundation, which in his/her case would be a Designated learning institute.

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